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this site really anit what it used to be too many unnessercry posts imo liek this one

Posted by sadamman:
Posted by Mober:
In Omaha you can make quads with only 1 of your four cards and three on the table.
Its the only winning hand where you can use only one card.
All others require two of your four dealt cards

Didn't know that but I don't play omaha online.

strictly speaking u are using two cards from your hand but ur other card is irrelevant there

e.g. board 5 Spade 8 Diamond 5 Club 9 Diamond 5 Heart

and u have 4 Club 6 Spade 5 Diamond J Spade

winning hand will be 5 Spade 5 Club 5 Heart 5 Diamond J Spade
but your J Spade is totally useless here

Ive read my above post again and must say its seems wrong.
Not the way i meant to say it and cant edit it now.

For example in both quads situations ( a dealt pair and a flopped pair,
or a set in a flop and 1 of the dealt cards) we use 4 cards
In the first situation its the pair and in the second we add a kicker from our cards in order to use 2 of them. Supernoob's example

The kicker of course can be used in three of a kind.
A flopped pair for example and one of your cards with a kicker its 3 of a kind or the other way around.( set made with a dealt pair along with a community card).

The same thing with the kicker doesnt apply for full house
If the comunity cards for example are 99AAK and you hold an A234 then its not a full house.

I was just focused on the example about quads by sadamman Smile

I hope i didnt mislead anyone and since i dont have the option to repot my post Smile ,
please Admin remove the above post cause its misleading.

Thank you.

$50 down the shitter... Big Smile Thumbs Up Worship
great sentence, awesome expression, really you should be given the bankroll back just for this sentence Big Smile
well maybe next time better luck, no shiiter i hope Big Smile nice that you acknowledge your mistakes, this makes you a better player (if you not repeat them of course)

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Strategies » Bankroll gone - Lessons learnt +

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