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the correct way to play aces???  0   
did i play these well or not?


4 players left

im on the BB with 4000 odd chips everyone except one early limper and the small blind they both call i raise to 250 both call folp comes AKJ the player on the small usually playes a loose game as ive noticed from his play and the both check so i continue to put on the prssure and bet 250 again the limper folds and the SB re-raises to 750 hes got about 1000 odd left, i call to see if i can get him to push and save me the trouble of trying to squease more out of him, the turn comes 10 and he checks i check as im scared of the q and the river comes a duece so he checks again im still scared he hit and is slowplaying the queen so i check and he shows 65os...

i know i still won the pot but do you think i should have bet the turn or the river, i know i had 3 aces but what would you have done in that spot ??? Agree


first off with aces and a 4000 chip stack u dont want many people calling you so the raise to 250 was abit weak i would have put a 3rd of my stack maybe a quater soo 1000 chips. Then on the flop if it was a nice flop that i liked urs was abit risky but i would have moved all in there and then to protect my hand insted of having a Q and a small kicker hand call me

I learnt the hard way, i always play aces aggressive now weather everyone folds to me but i dont want anymore than 2 people in the pot when i have aces but i prefer heads up with aces, as i took a hard beat a week ago in slow playing aces and it cost me $1000

yea you really slow played those hard.. i would of pressed more... called all in sooner and definatly more pre-flop so i agree with how padod said he would of played them..

I mean you won... so thats always good... would he of called all in with 6 5 off? prob not so you prolly got more money from that then we would of? but its hard to say after the fact

What were the blinds? I often do a 1.5-2 times pot size raise before flop. Like if pot is 200, I raise 300-400. Weak bet on flop, I think its too small And I would get it all in on the flop but maybe right play to just call.

Since this is SnG i would bet at least 500 or even more if i knew someone will call. Then on flop most likely i would bet at least 1000, either to drive them out or take my chance with straight in alllin hand. This is SnG you must squeeze every buck out of opponents, i think that even letting them see the flop cheap with pocket Aces is not a good move when you have chip advantage.

in this situation you got the most you possibly could have got, you induced a bluff from a hand you had dominated, any more bets and you would have just gotten a fold, played it quite passively but there is nothing wrong with different styles, if everyone played the same then there wouldnt be any variation in the game

Need to know blinds please. I'm presuming they are 20/40?

Also, its probably easier if you format the HH better. For example...

CO: 1500?
BTN: 1500?
SB (Villain): 2000
BB (Hero): 4000

Dealt to Hero: AxAx

CO calls 40, 1 fold, SB calls 20, Hero raises to 250, CO calls 210, SB calls 210.

Flop: AxKxJx (Pot: 750)

SB checks, Hero bets 250, 1 fold, SB raises to 750, Hero calls 500.

Turn: Tx (Pot: 2250)

SB checks, Hero checks.

River: 2x (Pot 2250)

SB checks, Hero checks.

This format is much easier to read. Doesn't take much effort either so there are no excuses.

As regards advice, If I got the blind level right, your preflop raise was fine. For other blind levels this would be a horrible bet size. Your bet on the flop is way too small. You should be making this like 550. Once the SB raises you here you should just be getting it in right now.

Turn is played well.

I might try a small value bet on the river of 300 or so as he would have bet his Q by now. Checking behind is fine too imo.

hey tommy that is a better format but i was just typing it quick as i was tired and that was late at nite,

yes the blinds were 20/40

i think myself i should have put out a feeler bet on the turn but as ive been having alot of bad beats from the rivver this month i slowplayed my little heart out, thanks for all relpys anyway,

next time i will get all his money lol...

you should play Aces every time aggressively so raise so much that your opponent make big misstakes my calling you so raise every time like 7BB or 8BB

"you should play Aces every time aggressively so raise so much that your opponent make big misstakes my calling you so raise every time like 7BB or 8BB"

what kind of advice is that.

you don't play a hand "EVERY TIME" the same way.

there are hundreds of hands that can beat pocket aces.

i think he played his hand well.

i would've raised more pre-flop, but other than that, i agree with his play.

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