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I want to play freerolls at party poker but the program says that i need to register a real money account but when I want to do that I need to deposit is there an other way ??

gtrz ben

Exacly the same thing happened to me. There are 5 steps od registering a real money account. First 4 are personal informaion..bla,bla..and the fifth step is deposit. I tried everything to skip it somehow, but didn't succeded Sad
Any one knows?

why don't you just use the no deposit offer from BRM i think when you recieve the oney yu don't have to make a deposit to create a realmoney account !

That's rite Acekaiser if you use bankrollmobs offer you get a realy money account. Cuz it counts like an deposit when Bankrollmob do it. So that is the best way you can handle it on.

Sorry mate...the only way to get a real money account is to make a real money account, sadly no way around that. The freerolls on PP are pretty cheap so I would recommend you to do some freeroll search on google you will find some more interesting freeroll than 100-150$ rookie freeroll at PP.

Good luck at the tables Cool

like most of you I like the freerolls,, obviously u dont have to pay to enter and you can if you want to play looser,, great way to try out new hands or styles and if ya get lucky which you need to be in sometimes huge fields you get some dollars in your account,, the information above is correct go through bankroll and that opens your real money account,, but to give your self a better chance look for the sites that need player point buy ins that way the fields get reduced, obviously you need to get the points first , but come on unless your very good or lucky you are going to have to deposit money sometime ,, after all why you think you get those freebees , its just the hook to get you involved in the site,, so look arround get the most value for those pps,,,,,also,, the site I play on most doesnt take the player points u spend away from the amount needed to cash your bonus dollars and most sites give u reload dollars so if u get lucky withdraw then redeposit money that way you can really buid up your bonus dollar account,,,,,when u get your reload bonus just withdraw the money if you can afford to ,, in the past I have built up over 200$ in this way,,,all sites have a limit on the ammount of reload bonus you can aquire in 1 year but this is substantial for most players,, these reload bonuses can be the difference between profit and loss,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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