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Started playing 6max cash games on $0.01/$0.02 limits

After 3308 hands winnings are $24.93 (32 bb/100 hands)

When should i start playing on the next level ? (Bankroll on Titan : 64$)
Or should i already change ? A winrate of 32bb/100 isn't so bad i think

Please let me now

Things are running well, but when you decide to upgrade level, you know there will be the double the money moving in your account, which means you will have the impression of having much less money to play. If things start running bad, you can fall into a spiral that will only end when you terminate your bankroll. My advice to you is: if you feel confident enough to move to the next level, so go, but if you lose more than $10, get back to where you were.

Thanks I'll keep that in mind

By the way here's my graph

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yeah you should definately feel comfortable about your game before moving up. i believe 10,000 hands would be a good example. if you are beating that level after 10,000 hands the you should move up.
good luck on the felts Thumbs Up

sample size is too small to make any reliable conclusions but if u feel confident, u can take few shots at higher limits or add tables from both limits.

What is the limit you want to hit next?

Frankly i do not think you have a sufficient bankroll to move to a higher limit, think you need to have at least 25 buy ins for the limit you want to play at Blink

I think it is based on how comfortible and confident you are. Also, to recognize when to stop before getting to deep. I try to recognize my bad days and if I play I play cheap, which is really in most peoples eyes the level I play anyway, but you know what that is to you. Good LUck!

Graph and bb rate is perfect but keep in mind sample size is far too low.
I wud say keep minimum 30 buyins for cash so with your bankroll build it up too $150 and then move too NL5.

I would continue to grind the 2nl 6max game until you have a larger bankroll. Also I don't consider 3,300 hands a particularly large sample size. Check your stats at 10,000 hands and see where you are at

Better try to grind some more reaching about 100-150 $
At that point you will have played more hands, and you will be more confident about your play
and decisions.

Also trying a table or two with higher limits like it is mentioned above,
at the same time you grind, it is not a bad idea. gl

Mober idea is also very good if you definately want to try a higher limit Blink

Just open an higher limit table and see how it works out for you. Just to make clear so many mobsters say that you should grind more on the actual limit is because the bankroll is not strong enough for a higher limit and usually when you move up a limit you can encounter a downswing...

Well on the safe side try accumulating 40 buyins, that will keep you from depleting your bankroll from tilt, because 6 handed tables have a much higher variance than full ring games.

cool graph man- i guess we have new ivey on our forum Big Smile keep this going, i hope this is a regular state you are in, not just a hot streak...still great achievement at low limits to have this stable looking graph...imo move to the next limit when you are comfortable- don't mind what others are saying (except here at brm Big Smile )

Did not have the chance of playing some poker this weekend.
Hope to have some time @ noon or this evening.

At 21:00 there's a $250 Bronze Monday's Freeroll (with 50 Titan points rebuy)

Played 4282 hands on Titan Poker
Win $ : 31,21$
Bankroll on Titan : € 69,18 (last time i mentioned dollars instead of euro's)

At the moment i'm playing on 3/4 tables (more tables is too confusing).
My plan is to play on 1 or 2 tables of NL4 when i've reached € 80

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Thats a very nice winrate...any updates....moving on a higher limit is really good idea if your winning...yeah comments of mobsters are really good...the more bigger your bankroll you will be more comfortable playing....but if your comfortable to move up you can make some some shots..if you start lossing though you have to move down...

32BB/100 isnt substrainable and anything under 20K hands is no meaningful sample.
You've been running hot,thats all,nobody can substain 32BB/100 longterm.

Sorry if that sounds harsh but its the truth

I think your plan is good and it's a lot more safer than jumping now on a higher limit...

I also want to add that you have a pretty good win rate so i presume you play a solid game Smile

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