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having a beer or too  0   
well thought i do a update

erm dont have a beer and get bored just cost me $1000 at poker stars,
think i have a had bit too much beer, but fook it only pennys Big Smile

being a idiot thou and too clever for my own good,
at the end of the day its good to give to charity hahahahaha Blink

I don't mind pizzing away a $1000 on a trip to Amsterdam or even Vegas, but I couldn't swallow losing $1000 to electronic poker. You have a lot more courage / mental stability then I'll ever have to take it in good stride so hats off to you for that. Hope the beer is good and you make up your loss because to take with a good attitude deserves it!

lol Greenmohave IDK about the mental stability part Blink with doz01 Big Smile Big Smile (lol u know I am playing with u dear ) Smile

and dozn01 sweetie if you want to be charitable careful saying that on here or you will get beggars Smile

Like this

Oh please Mr DOZN01 my kids are starving and I need $4.38 to play in a tourney so I can change my life around and win and get them food and water.........Thank you sooooo much Mr DOZN01 for understanding and helping me feed my are soooooo special and know that GOD will reward you for helping me.....

You get my drift. I think you have done plenty and maybe others do not recognize this ,but I do.

Best to you dear and cheers Smile

Oh please Mr DOZN01 my kids are.......oh wait my child is fine. i guess i dont need it. oh well.
haha Big Smile
ive known for a while that beer and poker do not mix very well. i learned that the hard way too Disagree its definately not recommended for good bankroll management.

im sure you will make it back. good luck Thumbs Up

I have learned the same way too not to mix alcohol and poker.
Good thing though the amount i lost a couple of times wasnt considerable.

gl dozn getting it back, im sure you will make it

On what limit have you played mate, 1k sounds a lot if you ask me even on medium stakes...

Did you played your A game(PLO) or did you try other game? As long as you have more money to play(and beer) you are okay Big Smile

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