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Had my best session ever on sunday, after getting extremely pissed on sat i spent most of sun in bed and logged into my party poker account , i had $3 and decided to play a large(ish) field tourney, entered the normal $1 buy in mtt, 160 players(i think) and won it netting $44 BOOM ! extremely pleased with myself i decide i would enter the $1000 gtd 6max , $11 dollar buy in , 195 players , and 5 hours later BOOM ! won that too netting $538 ! I've onle ever deposited £15 two times before, I've only been playing poker for around 18 months and am absolutely chuffed to bits i am 1 of the lucky ones who can actually say I've won at online poker ! i might stop playing now lol Big Smile Big Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar Cool Big Smile

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Well done, nice little earner, now put it to good use and get some deposit bonus's and keep building. Worship

Great score, but buying into an $11 mtt with a $44 roll is pretty bad. Practice good brm and you should be good for a long time Smile Maybe think of taking a few hundo out and buy something for the missus Smile

the mrs doesn't know about my win retribution, are you mad? shed take the lot ! haha , yh i know about bankroll management and only bought into it as i thought i was invincible and heavily hung over, and also wanted to see the difference in play between the $1 and the $10+ buy in and its safe to say the higher the stakes/buy in the lower the donk count !

I dont like that you played 11$ tourney with 44$ bankroll. If you continue doing that your new bankroll will be gone fast. Listen to this or you will regret later.
But congrats to winning two tourneys! Thats always achievement. And correct me if Im wrong but there is no better filling then winning large field tourney. Better then sex Blink

Great results and prizes but as the pther members said you went way over your head with that
buy in.
Unless you wanted to gamble it to the extreme without caring about losing it all that was
a bad move.

Well done again and i hope things will keep running your way.

man that's a great day's playing,imagine two or three days like that and you'll not need a job Big Smile
but you have to watch the brm though.

Congratz, that's wonderful achievement . What do you mean with : I might stop.....? Just stop at that day or forever, lol Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile I think you couldn't stop. Just play for 18 month and you had that result indicate you have talent to be winning player. Go on and good luck

Congratz mate! And account balance doesnt always mean the same as your bankroll... Even when he had 44 on his account he might have had thousands on his bank account that he was willing to spend on poker.. But if he was going to use only that 44dollars on poker , then its horrible bankroll management ;O

Congratulations man very well done but that's a really bad bankroll management i hope you think before you invest those 600€ and don't waste 1/4 of your bankroll each time like you did before :d

Good luck in the future dude.. hope you keep on profit.

Very Nice! It's funny how one seems to win when their BR gets on the low side and it seems that it all happens in one day. I mainly play low end SnG's($1.10 to $5.50). I do play some touurneys at the same buyin level.
I seem to have those very good days once evry two weeks and I can win anywhere's from $100 to $300 in that session. I don't know if I start playing with less patience or more hands once I've won a fare share that starts my downward trend.

Good that you won prior to having to deposit again and post your future luck!

Posted by jovicakralj:
... Better then sex Blink

Confused I think you think this because you have overplayed your hand! Shock

Hey Dan - nice one buddy. It is nice to hear about successes rather than failures!! As has been said be careful with the bankroll stuff. But hey if you entered a satelite to the WSOP - won that then won the main event who would critisize you.

GL man and hope to see you on the tables again soon.....................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Daninleeds....... hey bet youre pretty mixed up now by the commenst youll read ehere and rightly so too.

I have a bit of a principle for one off buy in's, which the purist Bank roll managers would scream at. If I was to go out on the town I might take £50 and spent it all getting drunk, having a good time, getting some trashy food and a cab....and feel lousy the day after. Did I waste my £50? Some would say yes, some would say no.

While I exercise good bankroll management, (as so should you) I think I would rather occasionally blow some spare money (in addition to my bankroll) and buy in to a higher buy in tourney, just like you did. If I win then im quids in. If I lose, I had chosen to accept that loss rather than drink it and spew it back into the toilet the next day. A bit like the one off punter who goes to the races and blows £50 on some nags he knows nothing about.

However, do look after your bank roll and dont blow it all....and dont think you ae so invincible after one day that your 600 will turn into megabucks....... may do, but for the poker sites and not you!

Enjoy your winnings!

Grats man - personally - I don't mind buying into an $11 tourney when your roll is only $44. I think BRM is a lot more important as your roll gets bigger and losing starts to mean more (financially). But I think a casual/recreational player should just play what they enjoy - and use a so-called 'implied bankroll' - meaning the money may not be on your poker account, but if you need to, you can make another small deposit.

That's my opinion.

Posted by damosk:
If I was to go out on the town I might take �50 and spent it all getting drunk, having a good time, getting some trashy food and a cab....and feel lousy the day after.

I think I would rather occasionally blow some spare money (in addition to my bankroll) and buy in to a higher buy in tourney, just like you did.

Exactly !

I think so long as you don't develop a gambling problem, where you're spending more recreational money than you can afford to - then you're just having a bit of fun with your money like everyone else does.

And of course- if you do happen to bink a bigger one - as OP has here- that's when you need to start thinking about controlling your bankroll- because it starts to mean more in a financial sense.

thanks for all your comments and advice guys, i withdrew £250 straight away and was well impressed with the speed of it, did it on sun, received it on tues (and it was a bank holiday), ill explain a little bit of why i bought into the 1000gtd, for the last couple of months I've been playing the $1 tourneys and being so strict, folding ak often, and folding jj,qq,1010 also if there was more than 1 raiser or more than 2 callers to the bb, and then i hit pocket aces, i raise , i get re raised i stall then i push , insta call ! and get sucked out on, this happened around 10 times in a row, id play solid for 2-3 hrs be in the top 5 chip stack wise and get sucked out on by j 10 o/s , q 9, k 7 all the usual donk hands and to be honest it started to piss me off, my bankroll was up and down like a bombay money lender, and my bro said, stop pissing about in the $1 with these clowns , next time you get back up a little go in a bigger buy in, also id like to point out i work full time and yh do earn decent money, poker is a nice escape for me, its more a pleasure thing, although id be lying if i said i wouldn't do it full time if i had the chance lol , i like the interaction, the trying to put a read on people and when you get it right and call that massive bluff with a made hand , thats where i get my buzz, I've only ever put £30 total onto sites the 1st £15 lasted me nearly a year, my friends say, how can you sit there for 5-6 hrs at a time don't you get bored ? and the answers no i don't ! i love the game , it keeps my mind fresh and keeps me out of trouble and out of the pub, i can afford to lose any money i play with and in poker someone has to win , you can't all lose like in the bookies or the arcades/ pub fruit machines
once again guys thanks for your comments and if you ever see me at the tables say hello and don't push all your chips in pre flop with A j ........... its just not how its done lol
jediwarrior0 Big Smile

well not been playing that much the last 8-9 mnths , but with the quiet period upon me with work(self employed plasterer) i decided to "ave a stab" and kill some boredom, so i entered the 1000 gtd turbo, 2 hrs later and emerging victorious winning $230 off a $3 buy in .... full of beans i jumped straight into the 2000gtd 6 max, 6 hrs later I'm sat in 1st , heads up with 550,000 leading 200, then the worst thing ever happened, my bastard net goes down ! i swear and shout as i frantically try get myself back online, then as i do and finally get back to the table I've have blinded off 300k+ to the absolute donut sat opposite ! the tables now reversed i plug and play away for the next 20 mins raising and re raising , bluffing and calling his pre flop raises with massive confidence at his pitiful play, and 55 mins after re-connection i smash him out calling his strange but funny all in from the small blind with 22 only to turn over my cards to reveal the qq I'm holding, is it all over ? the flop brings A 2 3 , my heart sinks , the flop brings a second A , i fear my last hour was a total waste , only for the river to throw out a queen, it was all so so beautiful Smile I LOVE POKER ! $11 for $577 winner winner chicken dinner !!


congrats, very nice winning. you're realy lucky and doing it great.

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