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will you be putting up some new poker sites soon to make 5000 mobpoints as i have accounts at all three and the mansion poker is tracked back to brm but i dont play there any more i play at pkr but thats not tracked back to brm and the last one i dont play there at all so hopefully you will add some new ones up soon also how else can u make mobpoints not just from post as that just takes too long Smile

ok so im guessing there will be no updated 5000 mobpoint poker sites that sucks how do i know if i have had my account approve by sending in id i seen that u can make points from that also so come on brm we need some new promos please Smile Smile

You can invest some of your points to get mob safe shots, or buy tickets for the draw.
Its a faster way winning 5000 points but you need to be lucky too.
Kinda hard every time a member gets all the promos, BRM adding new ones Smile

I don’t know how are things in Australia, but on what concerns to Portugal, members from my country have a lot of sites where they can use and abuse of the no deposit bonus that BRM offers them. You talk about three wolfydan, but are you referring to deposit bonus (since you talk about the 5,000 mobpoints) or you mean there are only three no deposit bonus from BRM to Australia. I have to recognize the effort from BRM in trying to gather the biggest number of offers possible to Portugal, and I believe they must work with the same objective to every countries who they work with. The best for us is the best for BRM. Don’t desperate, there will be something new soon.

Not so sure as to what your saying myself! Are you talking two different things here? one being ways to earn Mobpoints, then being able to cash your points out for deposits on poker sites and the other being BRM needs to have more site that support the no deposit bonus.
No matter, feel lucky since here in the states Carbon Poker is the only site BRM has any bonus offer that U.S> citizens can use unless I'm overlooking something. I still missed that opportunity, but BRM offers a lot of freebies / bonus offers to players and that I would feel bad asking for more. Good Luck though!

I think the only thing you can do is to wait for another gift offer to be added and try again...

In the mean time you could reffer the bankrollmob site to your friends and win some mob points from refferals Blink

BankrollMob Forum » Mob Points » hey guys

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