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Posted by DaCapo71:
33 percent of opponents dont call versus AA, other 33 percenr are suckouts. And with the rest 33 percent you can win. Yes with 66 percent of all AA hands we can't win.

Wasn't going to join in this thread but....
You better read up on some odds DaCapo. That is just WAY off.

33% don't call is just grabbed out of thin air really.
AA will win against 1 opponent 80% of all hands in the long run.
Against multiple opponents, odds go down fast.
Those 33% suckouts and 33% wins are just plain wrong.

Really surprised there, but it's total nonsense.
Read up on it for your own good if you like sound advice. Blink

AA has just been a bad hand for me as I lost (stupidly I have to admit) to 10 9o! I was down to my last few chips and had to push but still a hard one to see lose. Hey hey,....bring on the next game!

its like when i get kk i can say around 80% of the time it somes up against aa or ak and the flop comes down someing like aq3 but it does not happen all the time lol it does suck but as i say the flop/turn/river can change everything even Smile Smile Smile

i see that Tonguelayers from russia ukraine make all in at first hand on the tourney,and wins against players like me with AK,I DONT CALL ANYMORE that all in with AK,when the pot is small i try an all in

AA is a high pair.. i prefer to raise this hand but not to go all in..
i will not spent my whole bank for this hand.. Big Smile
for me, this hand is a monster.. but, no guarantee we will win with this AA..
this is why i love poker .. Smile
GL with ur next AA ..

It only seems that you are losing, because you remember losing with AA to total crap. Im sure you just dont remember winning, because "its normal" to win with that hand.
And to get you chips in the middle preflop with pair of aces is something id like to do every time i play.
If you are talking about freerolls, then dont even bother to think, what are they thinking.
AA, chips in and double up or leaving game with short time to wasted.

There are good cards to have preflop no doubt about that, but there is no guarantee
they will win the hand.
You have the best odds preflop, but at the end its the hand after the flop that wins,
so expect to get the share of the losses

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BankrollMob Forum » » AA and AK bad cards?

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