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Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Alice'

Alice: Hello Joop, it is a pleasure to have you with us
Alice: Smile
Joop: hi
Joop: can i have the free spins?
Joop and what is the playtrough?
Alice:Joop, you are in the right place
Alice: I will check about free spins right away for you
Alice: And also, regarding the playthrough, we have the
Alice: Smallest playthourgh on web, 29 times the bonus amount
Joop: oke thanks for the information
Joop the palytrough is on all casino games?
Alice: Well, regarding the playthorough, this is available in different forms on our games
Alice: To be more specifically, we have games that count 0% for wagering, games that counts only 5% for wagering and games that counts 100% for wagering
Alice: I will quote from our T&C regarding these games:
Alice: All bonuses must be turned over 29 times before Playthrough Requirement has been met.
Alice: Please note that play at certain games will contribute a different percentage to the Playthrough Requirement as follows:
Alice: Turnover/play on all GoWild Slots and Fruit Machines (except Progressive Games), keno and scratch cards, count 100% towards the turnover requirement for this bonus.
Alice: Turnover/play on all Table Pokers, all Roulettes, all Video/Power Pokers, all Blackjacks and Casino War count 5% towards the turnover requirement for this bonus.
Alice: Turnover/play on all Classic Blackjack variations, all versions of Atlantic City Blackjack, all versions of Vegas Downtown Blackjack, all versions of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack and all Vegas Strip variations, all Aces Video/Power Pokers, Jacks or Better Video/Power Pokers, all Baccarats, all Craps, Red Dog, Sic Bo, all Progressive Games and all 3 card poker games, do not count towards the turnover requirement for this bonus.
Alice: Even Money bets at the Roulette tables do not count towards the wagering requirement for this bonus.
Alice: Note: If you play on the excluded games (0%) before meeting the playthrough requirements, then you agree that the casino holds the right to void any winnings and bonuses, at our discretion.
Alice: Note: playthrough (wagering) made using the Gamble Feature on all Slots or the Double Feature on all Video/Power Pokers will not count towards playthrough requirements.
Alice: Note: Some of our deposit bonuses will be automatically added to your account after your deposit is accepted in according to the daily promotion. If you wish to play without bonus, please ask it to be removed by contacting our 24/7 online support prior to placing any bets. Please note that the bonus cannot be removed after any wagers were made.
Joop: oke thanks
Joop: when do i get my free spins and on which game it is?
Alice: Joop, I have checked for you and I have AMAZING news for you
Alice: You can enjoy 40 free spins on ImmortalRomance however, I can add them on top of a magnificent 100% bonus that can go up to 200 PLUS 35 free spins on Hitman PLUS
Alice: A special $100 invitation to an exclusive tournament PLUS
Alice: 500 loyalty points
Alice: Should you choose to make your first deposit with us
Joop: no thanks i want to first try the casino
Alice: Joop, if it is only about trying our casino, please feel free to use the Practice play mode, and there you can try all our games in the exact same conditions
Alice: It is a pity to lose such an offer
Alice: The game algorithms are the same in the Practice Play mode and Real Money mode
Alice: and, by enjoying only the sign up bonus, your withdrawal will be limited, no matter how much you will win, however, by choosing to deposit
Alice: You can enjoy the super bonuses and also you will be able to withdraw BILLIONS
Joop: I can still deposit after
Alice: If you enjoy the sign up bonus and you won, the withdrawal will be limited, even though you deposit later
Alice: Joop, however
Alice: Specially for you
Alice: I have talked with my manager
Alice: And only for you and only in this chat
Alice: You can have 100 euro in your account, a total of 75 free spins, the $100 tourney invite and 500 loyalty points
Alice: Should you choose to deposit just 25 and this
Alice: Is a magnificent 300% bonus, and it is a very limited one
Alice: Only until at the end of this chat
Alice: No this is a once in a life time deal
Alice: Smile
Alice: So it it is a real pity to lose it
Alice: Blink
Alice: 100 euro and 75 free spins for just 25
Alice: How does it sounds this?
Joop: no i want first the free spins the i'll see later Blink
Alice: What factors have you taken in consideration , when you have taken the decision to claim only the sign up bonus ?
Joop: how reliable u are
Joop: never heard about ur casino
Joop: thats why
Alice: Well, we are a licensed and certified casino, a legal one as you can check on our page and on Internet and also
Alice: We appear on Casinomeister
Alice: Which is a specialized site in online gaming
Joop: they said that on my last deposit too and when i wanted to withdrall my winnings i couldnt reacht their site
Alice: So, Joop, we are a very reliable casino that always pays the winnings to players
Joop: so first the free spins
Alice: Joop, as you can check on our website, the lists with our winners are there and also on web, you will see that we are paying the winnings to our players, so we are a trusted casino
Joop: but can i first enjoy the free spins?
Alice: Joop, allow me just a few moments to check with our finance department if they have received the documents required from you
Alice: I have checked with our finance department and in order to be a part of our GREAT family, I will kindly ask you to send at [email protected] a copy of your ID and a copy of an utility bill and
Alice: You will receive an email from our finance department in the shortest time possible
Alice: Right after they will analyze your documents
Joop: No i want free spins this is redicoulous, i quit with this.
Alice: Joop, have a lovely day!

Ever happend to you this before?? Required ID for free spins LOL? Aww crap! Aww crap!

Edited by Thawijn (29 May 2012 @ 15:59 GMT)

haha, are you serious? xD Talk about messed up! this is by far the most weird support conversation I have ever seen!

Usualy the casinos want the ID if a players requests a cash out, and not before he makes a deposit or gets a few free spins. By the way, the offers are not that bad.

This smells like bad fish. Clearly their motives are to get you to put your hard earned money onto their site (or into limbo is i like to refer to it since black friday) I dont see a valid reason why you need to identify yourself before receiving free spins, and before the playthrough.

from a business point of view this seems like a terrible deal on their end as well. I find it suspicious that when express interest in your site they randomly offer you a once in a lifetime offer.
for fun i would make another log in and go through the exact conversation again to see if it's a script the customer support is reading off of. but yea, id let this deal go.

Thats crazy guys. I keep away from casino and stick to poker, at least I have some control over what I lose!!!!

Yeah indeed I LOL a lot after I read it and even during my reading... it's like they did not understand a very simple thing that is you don't want to deposit at that moment because you heard about the free spins promo and that you want to try it... if not I don't see why the hell you would go there to spend precious time...

That was indeed a very odd chat with a casino representative.
Also i have never ever heard to have to verify your details in order to get bonus money
or free spins in a casino.
They only do that on cash outs Smile

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