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Does anybody play for fun anymore?
I understand the "money" thingy, been there. But I wonder if I'm alone in this now...

I don't play a lot this year, not a lot of time really. But once in a while I just "feel like playing" I do. Played only a few "real" tournaments this year, and a bunch of Sngs and sats because they're fast.Sometimes I throw in a BRM freeroll to stay in the top 200 on BRM on Party, but that's on the side.

Played 2 tournaments a few days ago (since ages), and had a great time.
Some guy started insulting everyone, including me (about the "math" dictating that I should have shoved any hand, even 72o in that spot), and after a lot of insulting how stupid I was I told him some of us play for FUN, and don't spend every hand looking at the "math" of the hand, because we have a life, and friends etc.
(and anyways I disagreed because the "math" thing only works if you play a higher volume IMO)
Common sense, paying attention and stack sizes are way more important when playing once in a while, I think. Picking your spots, basically, hand or no hand.

Needless to say he got busted out soon after, and I ended up 13th out of 500 which was pretty cool because I haven't played anything serious for so long. The other table was 46th out of 600. not great, but not so bad either.

So there you go, I just kinda play for fun now, low stakes speed Sngs and turbo/speed rebuy satellites ($3-$9) because they are short, but playing the tourneys was just FUN. (wish I had more time)
Don't forget to enjoy the game once in a while, you'll probably play better.
At least that's my impression. Blink

Of course I still play for fun, and I think you always play better when you have the passion and a positive attitude. Like I told Jovi I will never see poker as a job even if I put a lot of hours in it. Poker is a game and I think you have to enjoy it to be good at it.

I basically play for fun, I do make a little profit, but I have no aspirations of becoming a pro (or even a semi-pro/amateur).

Last year I was starting to think a little different - and built a roll of around $10K - I managed to withdraw around $4-5K at the time as well. Then I managed to chew through the $10K in about a week playing like a complete dickhead and withdrew the last $1,000.

Since then, I took a big break and now I don't play any where near as often. I play for fun now and regular withdraw winnings - as a result - I'll never build up a massive roll again, I'm constantly withdrawing large portions of my roll after a win and just making small deposits again if I run-bad. Basically - I am no longer using a poker account as a bank account. I rarely have more than a thousand on my account these days and if it climbs above that then i just take a large chunk out.

I did recently purchase HEM-2 and Leak-buster - I withdrew the money from my poker account to buy them - been thinking about getting back into the grind again, but I'm not really sure.

But at the moment I would definitely say I'm just play for fun - I don't really care that much on the results and losing (any/all) of my bankroll is never stressful any more.

And even if I do start the grind again and attempt to build a semi-decent roll again, I seriously have no aspirations of becoming a poker pro.

Personally- I think playing poker is a bit of a gray area already in terms of ethics. But I can live with myself playing small-time stakes and not really worry about it.. I could never live with myself if I was a professional poker player - making all my money from gamblers and never contributing anything positive to society.

Personally - I try to live my life ethically - I don't eat meat/dairy, I don't drive cars, I recycle, I try not to use plastic bags, I try not to support unethical companies (sweatshops, animal testing, junk-food sellers, etc).

As my life progresses I hope to see myself contributing more to society and taking less from it. Personally - I see value in this and reward as well.

If all I did was take money from other gamblers and live a self-indulgent life (flying in planes to events, staying in hotels, etc) I would really feel like a pretty terrible person.

Likewise - I'd feel pretty washed-up as an online-poker pro as well.

I think there's more to life than money and what we choose to do in order to make money should be about something bigger than the money itself.

As such - I think everyone should play poker for fun and it saddens me that anyone aspires to become a professional poker player and drop out of their educational courses etc in the pursuit of fast money.

Hi guys!!

Since the FTP failure, i only play for fun. I don´t go to play again only thinking in how many money can i win and how many hands can i play in to have big win in rakeback+winnnings, etc... This year i felt confortable with my 'poker work': play a little, learn a little more and kicking off tilt of my life.

I have always played for love and fun, could not live in the "unknowing" world of poker, so work provides the income, and poker a few quid extra at times, and I do withdraw, no point in hoarding it IMO, that's just what the sites want you to do...DON'T SPEND IT, COME BACK PLAY MORE, dam right spend it, poker has bought me a few nice thing, better than tilting it trying to make big time.
But must admit I don't chat as much as I used to, I guess mainly because others don"t, but always join in the fun.
I do take the game serious though, that's just natures grip on me.
I always play for money, not for the money, though it's nice, but for the competitiveness.

@jess, "I could never live with myself if I was a professional poker player - making all my money from gamblers and never contributing anything positive to society."
I'm sure you would find away, also nothing would stop you contributing to society, lots of Pros do, check out Greenstein, many more like him.

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i aways play for fun as im skint only play freerolls unless i get a free bankroll from here but still end up losing Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
got to try better Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I love the game, but 1/2 years ago i was thinking maybe maybe maybe i can be semi in the future and travell arround the world for income and fun.
Now i play poker still cos i love the game but not have the urge to become semi anymore, have gf/kiddo thats far more important, though i still think i can make it into the world of poker, not really quality but quantity, so uber grinding sometin like $10K a month.... Hmmmm not really my world i stay and play for fun and still have a good roll as backup.

I started off the year hoping to really kick butt, did well at first, and then my life has gotten super crazy and I have very little time to play. Often these days I am playing one or two turbo SNGs at the end of a long day, and falling asleep at different times in the game . Big Smile So right now I am def. playing for fun, and being pretty good at avoiding tilt - something which usually happens when I am tired...

Good for you enjoy poker as fun, that's great thing since you no have intention to be pro. When start my intention like Doomdy, to be semipro then pro Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile In fact, I found I no have good talent for that, especially I just play and play even in downswing situation so I think I just love poker as game for fun not for make money Big Smile Big Smile

I play so few because of the lack of time that all the time i do it, it’s always for fun. But there’s always money involved. The money turns it more interesting, with an objective, if there’s no money, people’s interest tend to be lost in the middle, just because some can get bored. Even when we played the BRM HU Championship, although the game itself had no money involved, there was a prize for those who get to the end, and that’s what was giving more interest to the game. The amount could be extremely low, but it gave the tourney a sense.

Its been some time lately that i dont even have the time to play for fun.
I have started playing a few freerolls just to quit playing after a few mins.
I havent even played some private tourneys ive been playing some time now.
Hope things will change Smile

I always play for fun but also for the money, i mean if you only thing on the money it will influence your game in a bad manner...

First of all i love the game, when i discovered online poker i played a lot on chips just for the game Smile

i don't think i will ever win big amounts at poker. yes its nice to win anything i only put about $10 a week on poker sites and most time lose i will last a week only play micro stakes or freerolles. i have so much fun playing poker it don't cost me to much and there is always a chance i could win Smile

I started playing poker for fun and that's the only reason I would play for. Sure, getting some extra Dollar in the pocket isn't a bad thing, but if I were to get tired of the game, I wouldn't really miss that small income. I don't play it for the money, it's just a nice little bonus for spending time on a hobby Smile

I am playing because its funny but mine destination is to win !
It cant be fun when you loose your money so first to have fun we need to win after we win we make money and this is our destination!

I play for fun. I really enjoy poker specially tournaments where blind eating up stacks and you have to make a move.hahaha.really very fun.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Wow! this has turned into a really nice thread.
Thanks everyone for the great comments.

Loved your story Jess, just kinda surprised about the "I don't drive thing". Smile
I'm a "Chopper" nut. Cool

@B1gfoot: I still love to chat and kid around, but as you say, not a lot of response until a game gets hot or you approach the later stages in a tourney, so it's become kind of a lonely business. Kind of what I was getting at with the post originally.
Everyone seems to have gotten SO serious.

But thanks all for the input. Clearly many of us are still playing with a smile on our faces.
Cheers. Blink

i always try to play for fun- that's why i choose less popular poker forms like nl/pl omaha hi-lo, stud hi/lo, 5 card draw, badugi etc.- they offer much more fun factor. also stake factor exists- the higher the stakes the "sicker" the public, but there are exceptions as well, some players at higher stakes are very nice guys

I first started playing for fun, but then I won few cents, then $'s , and then I gave myself challenge to make $50 just playing freerolls, so its more for challenge / fun at moment, but this may change eventually to semi- pro to pro (as this be dream, but i know would take alot time and commitment to do)
So at moment its just for fun and a challenge, I like/love Playing Poker so this wont change

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