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Finally my era of bad beats is over!  0   
As the topic says, I'm back on track again! Just finished 6th in the PkrAce Freeroll on party poker getting me a nice $32,50 win to start building my bankroll from =) I played one $1 HU SnG which I won and got $1,80 from. I also played one $1 SnG where I finished 3rd taking home another $1,80. So in total I have a $34,10 win today, and I owe it all to the freeroll Worship Worship Worship

Nice going. keep playing like that and your bankroll will be built up in no time. DON'T FORGET VARIANCE THO !!!

GL in the future to all you mobsters................

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Congrats erru9107!!

Now you have a little bank and is time to make it grow!!!
But remember to use a good bankroll management and don´t try high levels. Play 1$ SnG until you have 100$ at least.

thanks guys =)

Chartoule: I won't play that many SnG's, I'm actually a lot better at MTT's, I just wanted to play a short game for fun before I went to bed and this time it payed off Tongue I'm gonna play $2 MTT's WITHOUT rebuys (I really hate that sh*t) and build my bankroll from that Smile But I'm still gonna play some freerolls too, maybe I can get a nice win again ^^

That freeroll paid very well, you did 6th and got $32,50, i still haven't seen that action

around there, did you had to do some points or something to be able to regist to that or

it was just login and register? Usually i register some freerolls there, but they always

have big fields (more than 3,000 players), which turns me into a drop of water in the

middle of that ocean... and sometimes, after 3 hours playing, i am still one hour far from

the paid places.

Nice to hear someone saying his/her downswing is over.
Good result and prize money.
It can be considered as a good free bankroll.
Now concentrate and start growing it up. gl

GL I have just made a break with poker and I think next week or maybe and the end of June I will start playing again.. I cant play tournaments anymore because of big variance .. Maybe now I will try Fifty50 Sng at pokerstars 3,5$ buy in! But I do not know witch I should chose Turbo or Regular? Any offers?

Posted by Fackinas:
Any offers?

Well your maybe a little young for anything serious and im not sure i could handle a long distance relationship but we could always have a dirty weekend if your up for it
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Fakiry: You needed a password to get into that tournament, lucky for me I was one of the few who did Smile

All the others: Thanks for your support, I'm sure this will all work out great for me! So far I've managed to turn it into $40. Not that great winnings but hey, it's low stakes, what you gonna do? Blink

Congratz erru, you back on your winning era !! I wish will continue so longggggg. don't ever think you will free from bad beat, you will get it but you can build your stake if you strong ( not frustrating then start play crazy) and play carefully . Good luck

Nice wins amte, great to hear that finally the poker platform started to love you Big Smile

Considering you are playing MTT and SNG you should always expect huge swings since variance is high.

Yeah I know all about the variance :/ but well, it's working for me so I'll keep doing what I'm doing and I'll soon have a nice bankroll Smile

Greetings Erru9107 and congratz on your win. That's a nice little prize pool and a great start to your roll. Now you can add the more profitable real money games to your play. Be careful though, look u bank roll management if you don't know it already or you'll bust out and have to good back to tediously grinding freerolls.

Good luck.

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