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I'm just curious has/had anyone played poker there ? and if so what was it like software, etc

As i had just joined about day or so before Black Friday, and never actually got to play, i downloaded software and signed up etc (user ID, password),was going to look around and play the next day as it was really early in morning so went to sleep, then when i next went in it was blocked. as it still is Sad

On side note, What makes me wonder is why, US immigration and customs, and homeland security ( in web link, I'd understand if it just US Justice department, BUT> got to do with it all (black Friday etc) what are they trying to say Poker's a threat to U.S.A security, are we poker player's terrorists Question (isn't that why Homeland security set up for, to defend US form out side threats) or was the government(or who ever) saying USA poker player's are inside threat too USA's well being Question Shock Confused Land of the free! Free of online poker!

WTF is this world coming too when governments around the world stopping people playing poker with other county's (or inside exp USA) online Question

I feel sorry for USA player's and now Spanish Sad Confused so no offense to USA poker player's> JOKE
Q; Did u hear about the USA Online Poker Player!
A; Couldn't make a cent!

Just hope this doesn't happen to us all!
May online/live poker be with us for ever Worship
All Thee Best Thumbs Up

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Your right. What the hell has it got to do with security? The answer naff all!!!

What it is really about is some dumb arses taking the morale route and the so called president of the US not able to make a stand - too worried about the next election and his support!!

Personally I think Obama is a joke but I do not live there and and not sure what the general population of the US feel about him?

Hey mobsters in the US give us a opinion!!!!! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

In addition it is all about money! and the fact that they are after cheap taxes, now the Spanish have started to do it. I think they will need to make more money than that to get them out of trouble.

Hey any Spanish mobsters - let us know what you think?

Anyway now I got that off my chest now going to see if I can win some money before the government in the UK start on us - don't expect it will be long.

GL to you all....................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Sorry never played at Doyles Room - Gl to you......if you get on?!?!

I live here in the U.S. and your right! This country is a joke when there are so many bigger issues then someone staying at home playing some on-line poker. What it boils down to is, the U.S. wants whatever money they can get from people and, attacking the on-line gambling sites is a way to steal more of our money. Let us spend it how we want. They take 25% of my wages every week then tax everything I buy like gas, toilet paper, fishing poles, shoes, socks, etc. They want it all, but haven't quite figured out how to get it. Sorry about venting!

I played in Doyles Room before.Good site. Also very good players. I managed to build a bankroll from freerolls...But i understand that it was seized by US government....

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