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Hello mobsters,

Several days ago I received the following e-mail from PokerDukes (look below). I am mentioning about tihis, because I am also from Poland where the prize trip will be placed and I have been many times in Cracov and also in the described part of this city. : )))
Cracov is beatuful and the "Nowa Huta" district is really interesting. This part was built about 1950 and is very different from the rest of Cracov. Despite of the changes after 1989 some of the atmosphere is the same.
Finally this trip gives impression to be very crazy : ))))))))
I will not take part in this tournament, because I know these things very well, but if somebody has not been in Poland, that will will be great fun. Hmm... Poland is getting more popular, maybe because of Euro 2012?
The e-mail below.

"Have you ever thought about, how it was in communism times?

Now you have an unique opportunity to experience it by yourself. Take a trip to the world of absurd, where lots of things have no sense, but are considered most important. Participate in our special event tournament, in which the prize is the trip to Cracow, Poland for you and your guest. Not a regular trip however. You will take part in enacted trip to communism times, where your guides will be dressed and acting like the people from those times. You will be put in several absurd situations and will have a possibility to live a weekend of your life as a “victim” of a communism system.

Read more about the crazy trip:

Tournament date: 30 June 18:00 GMT
Entry Fee: 15EUR + 1 EUR
Min/Max number of players: 60/360

The term of the trip will be set with the winner of the tournament. We are flexible and you will decide when you want to go to the communism tour.

Good luck!"

Never thought that i would read such a stupid promotion advertsing like this.
And from a poker site too.
What the hell were they thinking.
Who on earth would like to live such a thing?

I wouldnt participate in this even if i had free time on free time.

Yeah, definately a bad promo capmaign if you ask me, they could have offer something related to football in this period lol

I think the best euro 2012 promotions on poker stes are on 888 poker Blink

Stupid or not, guys are trying to offer something different than other rooms. The rest is the matter of individual taste. I personally like the idea.

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