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Why is it that on some poker sites i cannot deposit using the funds i already have in my moneybookers account?

ive tried 888poker and skypoker and there is no option to deposit with the funds already in there.
but when i deposited on mansion last month the option to use my funds was there easy and simple.

Whats the difference between these sites???
Help please its doing my head in.

Maybe its because different currencys. And after exchange there is just not enough funds left. Exchange ratio is not easy on MB, so maybe if you try reduce amount, it allowes.. I never had such problem with MB, only with different currencys.

yeah it is weird. my money bookers acc is in usd and sky is in pounds. i typed in £32 which should have been enough as $50 is just over £33.
i'll try a lower amount and see what happens.

thanks for your reply

Yep, really weird. I don't think it was a question of the currency. I have a moneybookers account in EUR but I deposited in Pokerstars in USD without any problem.

There are a bunch of e-wallets, and not all rooms support all e-wallets. Moneybookers and Neteller are the number one and two, but not all poker rooms or casinos support even those. Play at a room that support payment via Moneybookers.

ive sorted it.
the exchange rate either skypoker uses or moneybookers use is shockingly low lol.
£31 is $49.30.
terrible. anyway sorted now thanks guys

And does 888poker and skypoker have the option of depositing using Skrill (moneybookers)? It must, i now read that other mobsters have made their transfers from Skrill to those rooms with no problem. Have you already tried to contact online support? Can't figure out another way for you to try to solve your problem.

Every site uses its own FX rate.
Some of them also making a profit from such transactions.
If your money in the account is on the limts after the conversion you will face more
situations like this in the future.
Always having 5 dollars more or whichever currency you use so your transactions
go smoothly.

I can tell you from experince that on 888 poker i had to contact the live support the change the currency of my account from euro(default) to us dollars in order to deposit Blink

I really think this si the problem on 888 poker so to get it solved just contact their support Smile

Only thing I know is Moneybookers allows me use their services as long as it's not poker related,but their support informed me that there were some changesbeing made to where I could use their services for poker if I opened a new account in May so that's my take! Of course I'm in the U.S.

Hi if you didn't see dollar is going up for almoust 10% in one month,before 1 month 1 USD was 0,74 Euros and now is 1 USD = 0,81 Euros ,USD going up Confused

The US dollar isn't going up, the Euro is gowing down. To much problems in to many countrys of the eurozone. Looks like this trend will continue for a while.

Euro is going own for few weeks now, its good time to change USD to EUR but not EUR to USD.

The pound remains strong. Cool

strange thing, i think the best solution you can get is to ask their support whats happening? i have moneybookers (skrill) account and had no problems with them at all- whatever site i want to use, i find that it supports moneybookers as a payment option and the currency exchange is not an issue as well

I did a change few days ago when euro was 0.795 and made some profit Smile
Now i dont have much money in dollars to give me any respectable amount
after conversion.Today Oanda has the euro 0.7997 but June 2nd had it 0.8087.
Then was a great time for FX conversion.

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