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Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Belinda'

you: helloo

Belinda: Hi trae, this is Belinda from 888poker; thanks for chatting with me.

Belinda: Want an $8 bonus?

you: thats why im here lol

you: it didnt show up

you: i singed up and downloaded the site

you: i play alot at PS but i want to try another site

you: are you there?

you: Belinda you there?

Belinda: Yes ]

you: everything ok?

Belinda: You are not eligible

you: why?

you: i have a credit card

Belinda: The bonus is per PC and husehold

Belinda: household*

you: yes my gf has an account here?

you: ok i didnt know

you: its ok

Belinda: How about depositing for a bonus Trae?

you: lol, i thought it was only one household?

you: that dont make sense then?

Belinda: There is another bonus

you: lol

you: forget it

you: ttyl, thats false advertising,

you: I will post this on my forums in Bankrollmob and 2 others

Belinda: No there are terms and conditions for the bonuses

Belinda: Not false advertisement

you: yes it certainly is

Belinda: Once you were eligible the bonus would have been added

Belinda: All eligible members received the bonus

you: Then why weren't the terms and conditions posted on the add?

you: But yet you were offering me a bonus regardless afterwards?

you: Talk to you manager and ask him or her if she is going to grant me the bonus plz

Belinda: No sorry as you are no eligible \

you: Will you do that while I open up a new window and verify that it says one account per houshold or bonus per household.

I think it's BS too!

Hi SprungDaddy, welcome to the forums, always glad to see another Canadian join the Mob.

Just so you know, that's pretty much industry standard. The terms and conditions are really long, so there's usually an asterix and a note at the bbottom of the ad that says, "Some terms and conditions apply". I know it's annoying but that's one of the ways they prevent people from just making a bunch of accounts to get the free no deposit bonuses.

The other deposit bonus is called a deposit bonus, they pay in increments as you as opposed to just getting them straight away,

That rep didn't explain it very well, but there are lots of free money offers here, or gift offers which are much better.

Triple 888 are s**t for customer service i would avoid them like the plauge.

All that hassle just for $8 Confused
half hour of work problably make you more Confused

Hi SprungDaddy

Welcome to BRM, pos for points, play the mobgames, blablabla... denied to my the 8$ some time ago. In fact, if you search a little by the web you will find tons of post about the 8$ denied. They must have hard conditions for that promotion.

Try some of the good offer in no deposit bonus here!!

What a rant about nothing.

Every site has a one bonus per household policy same goes for sports betting and everything else.

Your conversation with the client support technician was very direct. You tried, it wasn't available, so they go for other bonus to try to catch your attention, but that wasn't what you wanted, so you refused to accept. when they have to tells us "no" to what we ask them, they always go for the "plan B" which, almost always, calls us for a deposit. If that isn't part of our question, i think their marketing plan used in the support isn't accurate.

Hey! There are rules, rules and then there are rules. One for me, one for you and one for the industry. Its their money and they want ours, so that try many ways to get it. Its the same everywhere you go.

Pretty much standard rules for any site like this.
You should have read the terms and conditions of the bonus,
before even trying to chat with their support.
And if you were ever got credited it would have been by mistake Smile

I have the name of agood lawyer and for a1K dollar retainer fee would be happy to take on your case.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

If you want to play on 888 poker simply deposit ans start to play mate, those extra 8 dollars will make more trouble than help you...

First of all you can't withdraw them and you need to play a LOT to be able to clear them.

Still, 888 is a pretty good platform if you ask me Smile

888 is a good site to play , i've been playing there for about 7 years , but played at pacific poker, i have never had a problem cashing out there or any problem,I was surprised at the 8 per household because i received it and so did my wife's son, and we live in the same house, but that was a while ago. and that chat was a wast of time, 888 is a site that if you go to live help and tell them your about to make a deposit, and can you have a bonus, they will ask you how much you are going to depoist, and they will give you a bonus according to that amount. example: i told her i was about to deposit $50.00 , she said I can have $7.00 bonus instant, I just had to tell her when I deposited, she checked and bingo the $7.00 was added. no other site does this. So if your brother has a problem with 888 tell him to stick with PS. Smile

Thanks for that tip Crash58,

I always try to badger online support before a deposit for a little extra freebies like tourney tickets or what not. But I've never been offered an instant bonus. I'll eventually give 888 a try and now I know what to ask for.

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