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2012 WSOP: Andy Frankenberger overcame Phil Ivey heads-up!

Monday has been anything but boring as Phil Hellmuth just won his 12th gold bracelet after defeating Don Zewin heads-up. Also, we got to watch an epic heads-up match between Phil Ivey and Andy Frankenberger in event 17: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em. As soon as the heads-up battle started, more and more people gathered around the table and cheered on their favorite player. Ivey had the chance to wi[...]   Read more » 2012 WSOP: Andy Frankenberger overcame Phil Ivey heads-up!

2012 WSOP: Andy Frankenberger overcame Phil Ivey heads-up!   0   
Must ghave played hellishwell to beat Ivey, nice work.

I reckon Ivey's one of the few who can potentially overthrow Hellmuths bracelet haul.

Nice finish for Deeb too, he's had a great year on and offline.

A eight gold bracelet winner against a single bracelet winner and the "rookie" beated the master. Phil Ivey must have had a lot of expectations in this, but they started very close in terms of chips, which means that the advance would have to be created in the game between both of them in the final HU. The game went well for Andy and Ivey let the bracelet run for the oponents side. Will Ivey still play in any other event this year? He may have the chance to get his 9th bracelet in 2012...

Nice win for Frankenberger , i didn't knew him before but now i know him Blink For me Ivey was the favourite because he has more experience in HU in the WSOP but as we see HU everybody can beat everybody Blink

just another piece of evidence that poker is a game of luck- how do you think, what are the chances of any amateur coming to play against nadal in the french open final and actually beating him? the only chance is injury, but besides that chances are close to nil...however in poker there is a completely different situation, any amateur can outplay the greatest pro? so how can one call this a game of skill?

wow.this guy must be very lucky because Ivey is a monster in head up...

Pochui you are right ...any player can win against Ivey heads up
You can even win 8 out of 10 matches ...maybe

But when you play 1 month every day against him you will probely be broke

This is poker we are talking about and if we all know the concept of variance any of us could beat Phil Ivey heads up on a single match!

Know if they would have played at least 50 matches i think the result would have been different...

Smile this guy must be very lucky.

Skill? Yes poker is a games of skill! Sit at a real table with real money and have a big hand. Keeping your composure is a skill! Your bets can be considered skill as well! Do actors not have skill?
that is all

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