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When Kings met Tens at the FT  0   
Doesn't get much more sickening than this.

I was in the SB blinds @ 2k/4k with a 15k stack (smallest at the table by about 10k)

Get dealth KINGS no less and the 220k chip leader shoves all in.

I'm thinking at best he has QQ.

I obviously shove and he flips a pair of TENS...

Whether or not there'sa case for folding here we can debate - because it was a loose table and the standard wasn't great.

Anyway flop comes -

6 9 8 Rainbow

Turn a 2 of diamonds..

Obviously he has two outs to make a set but the way things go for chip leaders on 888 is they suckout on the river. He also has four 7's to make the straight.


7 on the river, bye bye top 5, bye bye to a weak final table.


i ended yesterday holding nice 16k stack ,with 221 players left...last 200 = itm

500 premium freeroll,,, on pkr...pffffff

yes i get dealth K-K and get to see an all inn,, by chipleader somewhere in middle position..

ofcourse the dude has A-A,, bye bye tournament ,,bye bye itm...bye bye,,chance to ship it..

Confused Confused Sad Sad Angry Angry Disagree Disagree Aww crap! Aww crap!

It's quite annoying when you are kicked out by a weaker hand, which is what happened to noonlion. When you play a hand vs the chip leader, this is usual in most of poker rooms. Dunno why Confused

Anyway, you didn't play it bad at all, you just had bad luck.


Unlucky but it happens.
If you play a lot of games this happens every day, still you can make profit.

Seems to happen a lot, but I've had it go my way at times also. Just yesterday I was allin againstAA with my Q,J. The board showed 4, 10, 9 turn came a 7 and river hit the K. This time I got the hit, but I shouldn't even have been chasing. Sometimes you think someone is bluffing because they go allin so often. I got lucky to beat the AA.

Posted by doomdy:
Unlucky but it happens.
If you play a lot of games this happens every day, still you can make profit.

Yeah I know just a touch sickening when it's the difference between going into 5th spot and getting knocked out.

By the way anyone else shocked at the poor level of play on MTT's on 888 network?

Even up to $7 buyins, the talent pool is minimal, and you get donkers everywhere.

Twice yesterday a similar thing happened to me, started with the best hand though was against chip leader who won with a hand of rubbish on the river. It does appear on a number of sites that when the chip leader is all in they have the advantage; however on the law of averages, i am sure that if I bothered to make detailed analysis of it all I would find that thats just poker"!!!!!.

Just ITM more than 15 % make us wasn't to feel bad Smile Smile So when got bad beat check your ITM and how many profit have you get ? so don't be sad. Focus to long term, doomdy said Big Smile Big Smile
That's entertain for got bad beat. Good luck in future Smile Smile

This things happen all the time and the sad part is that it happens on all poker platforms not just a few of them...

The only thing you can do is to go over it and of course always play in bankroll!

You got unlucky there but it can happen anytime.
The most times my Kings get cracked are from a set of nines followed by callers
with A crap hitting with their A.
Better luck next time

Hi guys!!

Luck is not always in our side, is a fact. Justice is not always in our side, is a fact. When these two f***** bi**** don´t want to do nothing great in a MTT we are just fucked, nothing more to sat. Ah yes, something more... well called with KK.

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