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Just a reminder, the PKR gift offer gives you 333% rakeback which is insane offcourse.
Imho just a nobrainer like having AA on the button Agree

Can u the link pls? :O cant find it on the page Sad Just wanna see if its worth it starting over on PKR with a small deposit Blink

is it offer just for mobster ? I register to PKR by myself, not from BRM or others . Will I get it ? So long I didn't play there.Read something good about PKR from this forum make me interest deposit there.
I am waiting your info Smile Smile

Oh thats what u were talking about Big Smile nvm then Big Smile


earn 1500 PKR points and recieve 5000 MOB points ($50)

1500 PKR points = $15 rake = 333% RB

Unfortunately only for those who take the offer via BRM.


30% on-going rakeback is a lot better.

I made the mistake of signing up for an instant bonus and it took me a long time before I was able to get a proper RB deal via PKR.

How did you get that RB deal jess?
I remember you told me once @ the tables but it's been a long time since Big Smile

No doubt if you are going to be a long term player the 30% rakeback is the best deal.
If you dont get that deal then you will have to reach jess's level of play on PKR
and ask them for a rakeback Smile

I'd with no doubt grind loads there if I got rakeback,especially the SNGs (wont find as juicy games up to midstakes somewhere else),however without rakeback the winrate suffers alot so there would be no point if I cant get RB Sad

Do what jess did.
Ask for a deal. But he had a proven record there.
If i remember right he must rake 500$ to get the rake back

Great for someone starting out at PKR, but on-going doesn't seem like the best option. Wouldn't matter to me I'm just jealous I can't play there. lol

It's actually not rakeback, it's the gift offer that bankrollmob offers on PKR Big Smile

You could always consider it as a great rakeback deal but the problems is that after you clear it you didn't recieve rakeback anymore...

Yes true its a 1 time uber good rakeback offer Cool

Posted by BeMyATMplz:
How did you get that RB deal jess?
I remember you told me once @ the tables but it's been a long time since Big Smile

It's not particularly hard to get a crappy deal. If you ask about RB they'll eventually tell you they'll put you on a deal if you rake $500/ Month - as others have said. This is how I got my original deal. However, they won't give you a deal the first time you hit $500 rake in a month (50K PKR points). You'll need to manage it maybe 2-3 months probably first to show you can reach it more than once.

The original deal I got was pretty bad though:
(per month)
If I raked < $500 = 0 %
> $500 = 10%
> $1000 = 15%
> $2000 = 20%

Which wasn't too bad the months I earned >$2000K rake. Still though, not great.

I am on a flat 30% RB deal now. However - this was a little different, I was raking $2K - $3.5K / Month and after I reached Platinum VIP they give you a "VIP Manager" - I actually requested my 30% deal via my VIP Manager and essentially threatened to leave the site, at a point where I had raked a combined $6.5K over the previous two months.

These days I don't play so much, I probably rake around $700-$1500 / Month now - but obviously I still have my 30% deal which is nice.

So - I mean, getting a RB deal on PKR *IS* doable - but its a long road that begins with a pretty crappy deal.

In many ways - you are obviously better off playing elsewhere and starting out with a deal.

Also - if you're just going to play the MTTs on PKR - I wouldn't worry about RB all that much anyway, it's a pretty small cut of your profits, it is when you're playing Cash/SNG that RB is a lot more important.

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