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Hi all

Placed 2nd in a Bounty Tournament tonight for $40 + $5 in bounties. It was very fun, I actually think I could really get into these tournaments. They're pretty action packed, and a lot of people toss buyins away.

Added bonus: Bought in with VIP points, so pure profit.

Figured I'd ask about strategy so when I keep trying them it won't just be beginner's luck. I took throw downs when I was ahead but once the fields got smaller and the prize I was in line to win was worth more than the bounties I tool a lot less risks.

Any thoughts on strategy?

Also nice meetin' ya on the tables Mohave.

Thanks in advance.

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And completely agree with you - bounty games are such good value - people play like completely spazzes - they pay a $20 buyin and then re-shove to isolate somebody who's already allin with a hand like 10-6 just so they might pick up a $5 bounty.

They have no idea... So much value.. Lots of frustration too - expect to get donked out of these tournaments a LOT and I mean a LOT - but when you run good and play well you can make a crazy ROI on these things

nice job ,,,great result ,, for just 2 $,,,

how many bountys you got?? dadded to the 40$ ,how much ???

very nice tournament... on stars you pay,1,5 $ instead of 2 ,,so prizetable is lower...and it's an sng 90player...

this once definetly better to play..192 players...great structure...

this cost extra 0.50$ , but much higher prizetable Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

i like it already... Big Smile

I might put a strategy piece up for you of you are serious about it. I've got a pretty sick ROI for bounty games - and I know how to play a lot of the strange EV spots that are unique to bounty games.

Bring it on Jessthehuman,,, we are ready to learn....

Big Smile Thumbs Up Worship Big Smile Thumbs Up Worship

I havent played many bounty type tournies but Im beginning to get the feeling I should. Would be interested to see what Jessthehuman has to offer in terms of startegy and advice.

i think all of "stranger" type of games offer more value- this is permanent and case closed Big Smile
as for strategy- i have one 100 percent sure strategy for you to win millions of Dollar all you need to do if you want to get your hands on it is...transfer a few hundred bucks to my stars account Confused

That would be awesome Jess, I'm definitely serious about jumping into the bounty scene. I was totally blown away by the terrible plays even the 3 star VIP players were making. I'm gonna start playing some more of these and experimenting. You're definitely right, it's like the added bounty just flips everyone's donk switch.

nice man.

I tried one of these a short while back and liked it although the donk element is mega high cos people are desperate to knock someone out.

things just go mental when theres a couple SS, cos every hand people think theres a chance they're gonna ship it lol

Its exciting anyway.

Hey Arithmajik, sorry for not recognizing your player name, but now I know since I managed to mark you. My apologies for making it short, but I usually never have four tables at once and I know why now. I played poorly in all, but the $5.50 SnG. I think it taught me a lesson. Ineed to stick to one, maybe two games. I play better, focus on player technique and manage to fare well most games.

As for the bounties, I've had great games, good games and por games. I believe last night being the worse.

Hope to see you more and congrats on the 2nd place!

Bountys are easy, wish i had discovered them earlier Sad

I like play bounty , too. I played s n g 6 or 9, not MTT . I ever try twice , very bad result so I just play s n g, make profit there. Really nice game, but I no have special strategy to play bounty.
I would like if someone or Jess, tell us Smile Smile I am waiting.

I've been actually doing good with the 9 handed bounty sng's lately. Been running decent for the past day or so. And absolutely agree with jessthehuman, it can become a shoving match for the extra bounty lol

Sorry to hear you had a rough night Green, we all have them. At least you know your table limits now. It's definitely pretty hard to pay attention to players and use the maximum info when playing a lot of tables. I was just playing the one, it helps.

I'm playing at another site mostly right now (as I withdrew before Lock left, just in case) but I'll be back eventually. Hopefully we'll meet up at another table.

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Nice place. Good run there.
I have played bounty tournaments a couple of times, not my thing though, i got paid
on one for a single bounty then i was out. Second one just a disaster.
My mistake as been said above i played more loose to knock out players in heads up
and get the bounty Smile Well thats not the way to do it obviously.

Nice win...Hope i can do that too. Cool good finished are only in freeroll tourneys...hahaha....Still looking for a good strategy for buy in tournaments and cash gamess.... Sad

My experience with bounty tournaments and what i have discovered from my own play is that,

At early stages i hardly ever get my opponents all inn,but manage to steel 97-99% of their stack..muhhahaha (text i use in chat after collecting chips,when i am in a good mood)

if i put them all inn,they usualy fold and i miss chips ...
if i valuebet ,light ,,i get paid ,but not enough to my opinion,,
so i bet 95-98% of villians whole stack,,,mostly resulting in getting paid,,,they think ..if he has the nuts ,he would have bet all inn to get the bounty,,so he must be bluffing,,lol..

Unfortunatley ,after taking chips like this from 5-6 opponents,,,i start to doubt my play and think ,should i have gone all inn against all these 5 opponents,,and win me 5 bounties ass well??

That's a question running threw my brain many times lately when i play bounty mtt's or sng's

a strategy i have naturaly developped during play,,,noticing too many times i did not get paid of my adjusted a bit...

of course i do get some bounties and totaly kill some players ,but my approach is not to win as much bounties as possible,,
My goal as in every tournament is try to win it or at least reach ITM ,,then reach final 4.

so that's my strategy...very curious on other strategy or approaches...

please don't let us wait to,post,post,your bountie strategies... Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Another fact in bounty MTT's is , after killing 5-6 players ,u are extualy freerolling ,,which is a pretty relaxed and cool position to be if ur almost tilted ,this type of tournament might work perfect as a anti-tilt therapy,,,just play bounties... Cool

Great earnings for just 2 hour tournament...

Bounty tournaments are great... Most of times you'll be getting profit just from kicking out some players and, if you get ITM, that'll be just profit! Really love'em!

I think you should look at these tourneys as any other MTT, not giving too much value on the facto f having bounties. Those who give too much importance to that factor are usually those who are sent home earlier because they run for too many risks.

Definitely agree there Fakiry,

I play them very similarly to a regular MTT strategy. And try not to put too much emphasis on knock outs, the prize money is more valuable. Plus you're bound to put out a few along the way anyhow. It's nice when your big stack though to bully those shorts.

i find at no tournamnets on pokerstars they rig the board for action on blind u out thats all ive beeen seeing also they have been takin my money lmao...

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