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Hi all,

I went to make a Neteller account today as I want another payment method (this one will be in Euros) that way I can play on a lot of sites that don't take CAD while avoiding extra conversion fees.

When I went to create my account a message popped up saying, "NETELLER accounts will have reduced functionality for residents of this country. For more information please refer to . . ."

The refered link didn't provide much info on what functions specifically would be reduced so I was wondering if any Canadians out there are using Neteller and if so, have you encountered any problems or limitations?

Thanks everbody.

It's the same for U.S. citizens and I think it has a lot to do with on-line gambling payments and withdraws. Moneybookers pretty much did the same to me and then informed me to create another account which would allow me to do transfers, withdraws, etc. I did exactly what they asked and still no luck.

I hope I'm wrong for your benefit on the Neteller issue!

You were trying to escape some burocracy and Neteller was already provided for that situation in its protocol. Maybe those limitations are exactly in what you were thinking about doing to the money. I never read about any Canadian complaining about that around here, but if you already received that advice only for opening the account, and the company must be full aware of the usual activity of its registered members, then you may probably get some problems when trying to deposit/withdraw from poker rooms to there. Read their Terms and Conditions to see if you find something more about Neteller related to Canada.

Unless you are planning to cahs out the money in euros, or use them through Neteller
in the same currency have in mind that the FX fee is 2.5 % each time.
If you get the Neteller credit card in another currency you will get credited fees again.

Take a close look at the ways you plan to cah out if you manage to create a full account at the end.

Hmm, Canada is forbidden too ? big surprise for me. In your country, poker still legal, right ? Why they do that ?
Did you ever try entropay, Arith ? that way very nice for me. And we can use it at many poker site.
Even not appear at their cashier/deposit/withdraw method, we can use via visa ( click visa option).

In 5 years we can only play in asia, not in Europe/USA/Australia ect Sad

Int he final conversion you'll still be forced to pay that transformation fe so i do not see too many advantages...

In general the taxes of neteller are higher than the ones of moneybookers(skrill)...

I dont think that the fees between Neteller and Moneybookers have many
differences now.
They have announced that since May 25th they were going to increase the FX fees
to 2.49% from 1.99%. Havent done a cash out from MF since the date of change
to see the actually rate though.
Neteller has the same rate

Posted by doomdy:
In 5 years we can only play in asia, not in Europe/USA/Australia ect Sad

Question Question Question Are you kidding ? since when ? we can play in USA site, they use membership system so legal, and prize send to us as gift card ( visa debit card ). The system is better for me, play a lot and still win, not like other site. Play a lot and my winning lost Sad Sad

That would be very sad indeed if you're right Doomdy. And I'll look into EntroPay Serpang. Thanks for all your thoughts everyone.

In other news Neteller's support got back to me and here's their official answer in case anyone else was wondering:

"Due to the legislation in Canada, we are not allowed to provide that type of service to Canadian residents. You will not be able to transfer funds from NETELLER to gambling sites."

Thats interesting that we can't deposit with neteller, I have an account but have never used it. try instadebit, thats what i use, and they have no fees. most poker sites i play take it.

Have you tried prepaid cards yet.
Here we can open a bank account in foreign currency, (there are few that have converted
money due to the crappy crisis Smile) and you can load, unload the card with the same currency,
when you link the card to the specific account.
You will need to visit a bank probably for this.

Good suggetion Crash, I actually already use Instadebit, and it's awesome. There is a fair number of sites that don't accept it though sadly.

That's a good idea too Mober, Maybe I'll try ee if I can do something along those lines, but I'm pretty sure our banking laws would still make it difficult for me to go that route.

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