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*********** # 15 ************** Mano de PokerStars n.º 83036120795: Torneo n.º 580707244, Freeroll Omaha Pot Limit - Nivel IV (50/100) - 08-07-2012 15:02:50 ET
Mesa '580707244 733' 9-max Asiento n.º 8 es el botón
Asiento 1: Dr.geyce10 (1070 en fichas) está ausente
Asiento 2: ndobre (1025 en fichas) está ausente
Asiento 3: DANIDIBENE58 (965 en fichas) está ausente
Asiento 4: blatakim (765 en fichas)
Asiento 5: Faxva (6050 en fichas)
Asiento 6: huahin11 (8605 en fichas)
Asiento 7: Prof666 (1835 en fichas)
Asiento 8: newfiebob111 (6110 en fichas)
Asiento 9: LungiFungi (970 en fichas) está ausente
LungiFungi: pone ciega pequeña 50
Dr.geyce10: pone ciega grande 100
Repartidas a Faxva [Ts Td Ah Jh]
ndobre: se retira
DANIDIBENE58: se retira
blatakim: iguala 100
Faxva: iguala 100
huahin11: iguala 100
Prof666: se retira
newfiebob111 ha agotado su tiempo
newfiebob111: se retira
LungiFungi: se retira
Dr.geyce10: se retira
*** FLOP *** [Th 2d 8s]
newfiebob111 está ausente
blatakim: pasa
Faxva: apuesta 400
huahin11: iguala 400
blatakim: se retira
*** TURN *** [Th 2d 8s] 5 of diamonds
Faxva: apuesta 1250
huahin11: iguala 1250
*** RIVER *** [Th 2d 8s 5d] 6 of spades
Faxva: apuesta 3750
huahin11: sube 3105 a 6855 y está all-in
Faxva: iguala 550 y está all-in
La apuesta no igualada (2555) ha sido devuelta a huahin11
*** SHOW DOWN ***
huahin11: muestra [5s 4s 6h 7d] (escalera, de cuatro a ocho)
Faxva: muestra [Ts Td Ah Jh] (trío de dieces)
huahin11 recaudó 12350 de bote
Faxva finalizó el torneo en 2870° lugar
*** RESUMEN ***
Bote total 12350 | Comisión 0
Comunitarias [Th 2d 8s 5d 6s]
Asiento 1: Dr.geyce10 (ciega grande) se retiró antes del Flop
Asiento 2: ndobre se retiró antes del Flop (no apostó Blink
Asiento 3: DANIDIBENE58 se retiró antes del Flop (no apostó Blink
Asiento 4: blatakim se retiró en el Flop
Asiento 5: Faxva mostró [Ts Td Ah Jh] y perdió con trío de dieces
Asiento 6: huahin11 mostró [5s 4s 6h 7d] y ganó (12350) con escalera, de cuatro a ocho
Asiento 7: Prof666 se retiró antes del Flop (no apostó Blink
Asiento 8: newfiebob111 (botón) se retiró antes del Flop (no apostó Blink
Asiento 9: LungiFungi (ciega pequeña) se retiró antes del Flop

i cant belive it thats why igo all in.... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

This is standard on plo, i think its happens at least 1 time in 100 hands.He got a runner runner but i dot think he had a bad hand pre flop.Its very normal people calling the kind of hand he had!

His call on the flop is pretty bad since he only has runner runner draws. Your large bet on the turn is great, that's exactly what you should do with top set, you're getting good value if he doesn't hit his draw. But on the river, you should've just check/called IMO instead of leading out with a pot size bet. The board was dangerous at this point, especially in a freeroll...

Better luck next time ^^

Either huahin11 is very experienced at this or he’s just another donk waiting for the cards to get on him. –can’t understand how he could wait for that straight, it was too risky. And the bets were a bit high to keep calling and waiting for the straight draw. But he got it. I also wouldn’t believe him.

Not unusual.
The number of chasers in PLO is bigger, and they chase most of the times silly hands.
I believe its not the first or the last time losing like this with a flopped set.
Its pretty standard in each session to see a hand like this on the table.

ty Worship i feel better Agree Agree

PLO game is a sucker....he has a good hand pre flop and i think he wants to see cards to the river...But i think your bet was good enough...maybe checking on the river was more can either call or fold if he bets big....

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