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Meet the 2012 WSOP October Nine (Part 2)

The 2012 WSOP Main Event attracted 6,598 players and became the fifth-largest Main Event in history. Nearly 2 weeks and more than half a million hands after that the $10,000 buy-in event kicked off, only 9 players remain with the chance of winning the gold coveted bracelet that comes along with the $8.5 million first prize! Yesterday we presented 4 of the 9 finalists. Here is some brief informatio[...]   Read more » Meet the 2012 WSOP October Nine (Part 2)

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These second group of players is way far from the top 5 in terms of chips. I don’t know how is the blind level going to start, but if its something like 100K/200K, there are still chances for everyone. If higher, then things can be tricky. Good news for all the grou pis that $754k are already guaranteed in their banques acounts. The rest is just more fun!!!

It's an interesting dynamic at the FT.

Some seasoned players and they all stand a chance.

A lot will come down to nerve.

also imagine being at the FT and you are guaranteed $750k...wowee

Congratulations to all the players who made the final table of the WSOP main event, I am only disappointed that no women have reached the final october nine. Maybe next year, I hope.

nice final table, my main concern is that 8/9 are from USA, what the hell happened with the rest of the foreign players so have the main event such dominated by USA.
Anyway there is 1to4 difference chip stacj at table, this is not that huge and make this final table still very open for every player.

As has been said an interesting final table. Not any names I have heard of before but then there are no superstars there.

I have had a look through the final nine and think that 54 year old Steven Gee will win it. Any US mobsters have a clue about any of the players?

GL to them all and hope we will meet there some day.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Must be nice to be only 21 years old and only have to worry about returning to college after such an event. I'm kinda hoping the short stack takes the bracelet so their new born can play with it.

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