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Hi, i am having problems to read some of the news in the “Poker News” section. It happened to me yesterday and today is happening again. I can’t see both of the news regarding the Olympic Games. Disagree I try to open the link and it goes to the “show all news” section. And they aren’t available there either. Hope you can solve this, BRM. Is anyone else having the same problem?

I think I know what's wrong but I can't find out where you're having problems - is it a news item on this page, or where else?

It works for me, not sure what the problem was but if you get an error the problem might be on your end...

Make sure to reply back to this thread in order to solve this one out Blink

Hi Admin, thanks for checking on this: That link you put here show me the list of news but the news from London 2012 doesn’t appear, at least for me. On my front page, yesterday, i had two news regarding London2012. I clicked “London 2012 – Europa Casino Launches Wild Games” and i automatically went to “show the all news” page, and the news i clicked is not on the list. There was another one previous to this - which was on the first five yesterday and now i can’t find it anywhere –, also related with London 2012, which happened the same thing. I don’t know if someone ever commented on these news but, for me, it’s like they haven’t. If someone would have commented, it would appear on the Forum list, and i can’t find none of them there either.

Okay, now I understand. It's because on most areas of our site, when you click on "news", you get to "poker news".

If you're in the casino or betting section of the site, the "news" will take you to "casino news" or "betting news".

So if you're here:
And you click on "news", you'll get to: - which contains the Olympics article.

Or, whenever you're in any of the news sections, there are shortcuts in the top to go to the other casino/betting etc sections of news. Currently we don't have a "everything news"-page that lists all sections.

Thanks for clarifying me Admin, i never noticed that difference before, but now that i can open these news i have found many others that i never read. I Believe some of them never get to appear on the Top 5 list that i see when i enter the site, because they are from casino. From no won i will take a closer look to this part. Thanks!

BankrollMob Forum » » Problems opening BRM news

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