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London 2012 Olympics: Great Britain v New Zealand   0   
Women's football, Group E, Millennium Stadium, 4pm BST kick-off

It kick's off in 30 min's

I put $5 on NZ to win $26

Go the KIWI gals Thumbs Up , beat those poms Big Smile LOL

oh nice didnt realize it had started.. who won?

Nice value ur getting but new zealand? :<< I hope you got the money .. really nice odds.

When does brazil plays btw?

He's talking about womens football btw.

UK 1 - New Zealand 0

WOOOOO go the poms! f**k the kiwis. Tongue

Brazil women have played already against Cameroon and won 5-0.

ALL of the first men's game are tomorrow including Brazil.

This is one of the only realistic chances the UK have of a medal, in womens football LOL. Its still not a very good chance either, just alot better than in other events.

Ye i've seen it now @the official website.

Didn't knew it was GB vs NZ at men aswell.. your betting at that game or the initial bet you talked about was already refering to men?

1 - 0 is close :\

I wanna watch brazil men tho there are a few players there from my hometown club =)

I forgot to add with the bet, If it was draw id get my money back never mind Big Smile
any way i knew be good game, like with All Whites (NZ men's football team) in last World Cup they where the only unbeaten team (draw's if remember right), we kiwi's play above ur weight Population wise
Fluck the pom's lol
Thumbs Up

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why do the aussies and kiwi's hate the british so much? i just dont understand it.
is it coz we own your asses? lol only joking.
why tho?

Well I don't hate pom's as my ancestors are English, Viking, my ancestor's come from Dover region (on dad's side), Scottish Welsh and some Irish somewhere and German on my mum's side
(must be Scotch (don't want pay for anything lol) & Irish ( don't know when too give up), & Welsh (don't know when to shut up when I'm drunk) & English (well POM i don't think i moan much lol)
and these cultures like too drink Beer
I first got the "WOOOOO go the poms! f**k the kiwis" so im just giving back Big Smile

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