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Full Tilt Poker Manager Answers Questions About the Relaunch

Last week, PokerStars' purchase of Full Tilt Poker through the Department of Justice was officially completed, which means that all non-U.S. players will be get their money back - totalling $184 million - within 90 days. In total, $225 million was transferred to the U.S. government last Thursday, and the remaining $547 million will be paid over the next 3 years. Shyam Markus, the poker room manag[...]   Read more » Full Tilt Poker Manager Answers Questions About the Relaunch

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i want full tilt manager to answer my question: "will i get interest on my $0.23 frozen in the account?", and this: "can i expect a moral compensation of no less than $1 million for not being able to win this million on the tables due to the fact that poker room was closed?" please transfer the money to my moneybookers account lol

It’s good to see they are investing in clarifying all about how is it going to be from now on and when the software relaunches its activity. The doubts will be the less possible and everyone will be trusting in the service they will be using each time they enter at FT to play again. At least this is how i feel, after reading all this. But i don’t have much money to receive from there, can’t figure out how are those feeling.

Sounds like the guys on top of s**t anyway.

Love the q about the jacket someone if that's a pressing issue.

It's gonna be hard fot FTP to shake the muck, but i think they already have people interested again.

Its another poker site that people will have heard of yet some may never have played there so the marketing whiole not getting alll the old FTP players back will get a new bundle of players with sign ups and bonuses....dontcha just love poker

I will definitely apply for the remission through the DOJ, but it still sounds like there not going to allow U.S. players to play real money poker any longer.

I really hope this isn't the case, but if it is I'l start playing more live games. They opened a Casino about 45 minutes down the road and it seems to have a lot of potential.

It would be nice to get my money back from FT, but no worries. I'll still live the life I'm living without that money. getting used to not being allowed to live free in the U.S. or I should say spend my money on what I want without the government getting their cut. FOOK"EM

bahhhhhh ill never deposit on there whether pokerstars owns it or not, ill stick with what i trust and play only @ Big Smile

Hi guys!!

I´m surprised about Pokerstars. He is going to pay me my 8k$, and give me some $$ plus for my FTPs and medals (between 1k-2k$ more). Nice money that i think i never will see.

I must recognize that when the new about the buy of FTP appears, i think it was all a big strategie to kick out possible FTP news owners of the bussiness. Me was worng.

Thanks Pokerstars.

Interesting read indeed. I will for sure give FullTilt a try with this new and relieable ownership by Pokerstars. I hope they will keep their own "face" an will not be like Pokerstars 2.

i hope they dont mess with the software, we dont need another version of donk friendly Pokerstars

I am wondering what will happen to my account as i am living in Belgium and Belgians will not be allowed to the new FT. I had a lot of FT-points and probably some cash also but not much.

On PS itselfs I can not create an account on the Belgian site due to some problems in the past.

I prefered FT

it seems that everything is in place to re launch preparation,marketing,ads.....looking forward on this relaunch and play more on FT....

Just wondering if I will get the 100 dollars I won there, considering that in the last months the dollar policies changed here in Argentina... Hope this gets solved soon!

They claimed they would open for cash today (6th Nov), yet ALL COUNTRIES are well into the 6th, especially Australia, where I live. Has been the 6th for 21hrs.

Even though they are opened for Play Money and have been for about a week, they are still not open for ca$h like they said they would be. This is very, very bad for business!!!!

They have even failed to respond to an email I sent to them in regards to this. I stated that not all Countries are the same and operate different time-zones, etc... and that Australia is one of the 1st Countries in the World who experience a new day before everyone else (apart from New Zealand, Fiji and a few Islands east of there ) and that I would've liked to play in the Country-Specific Freeroll tournament that is usually on tonight (my time). I was hoping this would be available before start, but I am now forced to wait longer to play in this now, considering Australia is one of the 1st to experience a new day, yet I am made to wait longer than other Countries to play in their Country-Specific respective tournaments!

Even the home-page states 1 day to launch STILL!!!! LOL

If FT are going to treat their players like this, I am not sure I want to return. I mean, what other lies are they likely to impart to their (once loyal) customers? I have already stated that this is bad for business, by not opening for ca$h as promised players! I believe they operate on ET, but I guess they could've stated a time. At least this would lessen the anxiousness and anguish caused.

I wonder what excuse they are going to give!??

I gave Party my business tonight instead. I wonder if I will have to play at Party again tomorrow night???? LOL I would've really liked to play at FT tonight!


got some news on that

the real money action at Full Tilt should be available at 8:05 (ET)/ 14:05 (CET)
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I'm so excited to get my account reopen and join the whole relaunch promotions
just gotta be thankful to Stars that they made this whole thing happens

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