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Alleged High-Stakes Poker Scam

It seems like a new high-stakes poker scam has been revealed. It all started last week when an anonymous person posted very shady Skype and Facebook conversations between Canadian poker pro Matt Marafioti (the guy who wrote not-so-nice-things about Lauren Kling after the break-up last month) and Swedish poker player and IT expert Samer Rahman, who was accused in 2007 of helping fellow countryman M[...]   Read more » Alleged High-Stakes Poker Scam

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Didn't read it all...

But siuffice to say both are fucked.

To leave a paper trail is hilarious - total bozo's.

And this just shows that online poker is definitely a danger when you're a high stakes player.

hmmmm figgin crazy stuff lol better stick with tourneys only that way not lose way too muich if get hacked

It’s no longer only the software of the rooms that may scare people who invest big Money on online poker tables, it’s also people with good knowledge of IT who are capsable of entering the system of these softwares and make them work for their profit. I’m not much of IT connessieur, but i fone of the players is able to see everyone’s cards when playing i can see he is in a big advantege to the opponents. Now, if they are able to do this, maybe they can also get to know the table cards before they appear. And there’s nothing strange on this: it’s just software, if one can mess on it, it can turn it possible. I remember my father always put his name at the first place in my 1980’s PC games thanks to PC Tools. These guys do similar things in network programs…

its very many it experts who can create a software or hack systems software...very scary to online poker again...second to the poker is rigged thing....

what i don't like is that if he thinks he's so good why would he even contemplate this?
i mean surely he is good enough to win without any unfair help.

not sure about this...from it point of view the least safest place has always been and will always be the home user (pc of the user) since banks, e-shops, poker sites etc. at least have people who know how to protect themselves, or hire them on a contract basis...meanwhile home user can only rely on himself...

Technology is only a danger if you do not truly understand it....therefore to most people it does spell Danger. There rae some clever techy kinds out there who dont need to know anything about poker but cos they can do what they want with IT they can make a killing. One would hope the sophisticated sites can moniotor and overcome this otherwise they will lose of money due to reputational vulnerability. Be scared? or be very scared?

i guess i understand why i play tourneys now :S

haha i always think people are colluding when i play the cash tables and i see 2 random people with the same random country, guess i could be right most of the time, back to MTT's i go!

What a cluster story to stayed focused on. I guess that's why there are so many people who speculate the legitimatcy of electronic gaming. There are ways to scam the system especially if you can get a group of individuals to work on it together.
I mean, what if you knew 3 people all on the same site that could log into the same 6 or 9 player SnG and communicate with eachother while playing. This would definitely put the odds against the other players. I've often wondered about things like that, but hope there's not such things happening.

Wow really putting the willies into people.

I mean everyones suspect of online gaming as is, poker was thought of as fairly 'safe' I think.

But the lack of regulation stinks.

Live = real deal.

I will really stop playing cash tables everywhere I always loose on good cards in the end imposible combinations, its insane!

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