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wow never seen it so high  0   
wow never seen it so high Worship Worship Worship Worship

mob safe $60 i wanna win it hurry up with my free go lol Big Smile Worship Worship

please let me have it Worship Worship

I ran out of shots, hope to get lucky with the Mob Calendar and get some more shots before you take it out ..
Yesterday I used 25 shots, one theme that a user used 451 shots and could not get it out .. haha .. Surely one so just do a few shots ..

Well you may havent seen it going higher but it has reached more than that.
160$ was the highest so far.
But this is a very good amount considering the daily shots spent at it lately.

I know 160 was the highest price and here was also a 120 prize from what i remember Confused

Still, the pot is pretty nice as t is know and it's definately a good time to buy some shots. Logix? Big Smile

Posted by Mober:

160$ was the highest so far.


I cracked if for $90 - that's my record..

FWIW: It used to climb to $50 and over quite a lot (relatively speaking) before the daily calendar was implemented, now with people getting so many extra shots/points it rarely goes over $30..

Technically it costs BRM MORE money when it get's reset to $20 all the time, since that is a $20 alotment and when it doesn't get cracked it only goes up $10.. Especially considering it will instantly reset to $20, meaning if it's cracked multiple times in a day it can cost $20 * N each day, instead of the standard $10/Day increments.

Although - in saying this, it's less likely somebody can cash out when it's always getting cracked for $20/$30 since they're still well short of the minimum $50 amount.. (helllllooooo mobdraw!)

no that is quite high isn't it i mean $60 is well worth winning......what am i saying $20 is well worth winning as i bave never won it Smile

gl to all you mobsters in your quest to crack it as it looks like i never will. Sad

jessthehuman: I cracked if for $90 - that's my record.

Lol, I never cracked it so far - thats my record

Aww crap! Big Smile

The only thing I won here in all the time is 100 mob points in the daily lottery.
Its like in real life... lotteries are not for me.

ive cracked it for $30 im now only 70 points short of a cashout cant wait
i also had several mob points win but not a win on the raffle on sundays thats my next thing i want Worship Worship Worship Worship

I definately think a price over 60 dollars deserve a investition on mob safe shots if you feel lucky and also if you had some shots from the calendar Smile

Still, we should always have in mind the fact that is still a luck game so be advice Blink

I guess I missed out on that! Just got back from a weeks business trip and haven't gotten to pla y poker or been on BRM. I missed out on the whole week!

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