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Family pride wasn't the only reason Linda Aldred was elated to see her grandson Sam Oldham win a surprise bronze medal in men's gymnastics at the London Olympics.
The 66-year-old from Ramsgate also had made a lucrative bet before the Games began that Oldham would take home a medal.
Aldred placed a £5 bet at 200-to-1 odds with Betfred in honour of her late husband and Oldham's grandfather, Eric, whom she described as "a betting man."
She attempted to cash in her bet after the Olympics, but bookmakers said they wouldn't pay her the £1,000 she thought she was due because Oldham's medal came in the team competition rather than as an individual.
"I was stunned," Aldred told the Thanet Times. "I am really happy Sam won, it is more the principle than the money, but I could have used the winnings to pay for my ticket to see Sam at the 2016 Olympics in Rio."
It's tempting to suggest that a grandmother who has never bet before might have simply misunderstood the wager she was making, but Aldred's betting slip appears to corroborate her argument.
Nowhere on that slip does it specify that Oldham needed to capture an individual medal for her to win. The 200-to-1 odds also would be reasonable either way since a British team hadn't won a medal in men's artistic gymnastics in 100 years.
Aldred said she has taken her complaint up with The Independent Betting Adjudication Service. Whether Betfred is right or wrong, the company might be wise to pay her. The money isn't worth the bad publicity the company has received for withholding a grandmother's winnings.

ur correct if the bet was for him to win a medal, the bet was taken for him to win a medal no matter wether it was team or not, that is not in question, the only thing in question is why they have widened the goal post so that they do not need to honour that bet after the bet was placed and they took her money, this is paramount theft of which is a criminal offence and probably even in law betting is hard to prove with little respect from the law I would still try to bring in the police for them to investigate this blatant fraud.


The only get out clause they have is if was taken from one of there board prices that stipulated prices for a person winning a medal and it was for only on his own and not a team

If she walked into the betting shop and asked for a price for him to win a medal and it was given at that time then they should pay up, if that is the case then they will be made to pay up and also has I said an investigation from the police if she contacted them to do so.

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shame on bet fred, just $1000 will make a granny's day,I am sure they make way more than that!

Yeah saw that.

Thieving fuckers.

If i ever get a contentious bet and they don't pay I'll go public - they won't want the bad press.

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