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hot warning:

Carbon Poker

i always received my money from Carbon within 24, latest 48 h, bt for last Neteller withdraw i have so much probs you cant imagine....

i always liked it, bc in the opposite to Pokerstars, i am a good winning player at this Merge site since years

there was always and error message laast time when i withdrawed : "an error support please"

ok i contacted and they confiremd several times: "ther eis no problem...try it again""

...there cannot be a problem bc i am verified long time registered, no bonus, always only used Neteller and so on...

so i tried again and gain, always same tech problem...

after 2 weeks !!!!! they could find the tech prob and my Neteller withdraw was finally in system

bt now !!!!!

today i got first a mail, that they are glad that now all is fine with my withdraw, bt that i have to wait 2 weeks for my money

i replied and asked why, bc carbon always cashed out fast my money in former times, then the reply of them: "a third party process this serious and that i have to wait now 6-8 weeks for my money..."""

looooooooll geeeeeek first 2 weeks, now 8 weeks loooooooooooooooooooool

6-8 weeks for a Neteller transaction which takes 10 seconds to do and to my Neteller account, they cashed out much times in past without any probs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from my side nothing has changed, so i am afraid now; IS CARBON BANKRUPT

to have to work so tricky and to delay valid cashouts without any logic reason ???


only want to warn Mobster to deposit at Carbon at this time, bc you have to wait 8 weeks for your Neteller !!!! withdraw

this is completely INACCEPTABLE behaviour to a loyal player

if they go on in this way, there are blacklisted soon everywhere


Rivelinho Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Green had problems recently with Carbon too.
From what it seems they are delaying cash outs, which of course means only one thing.
No cash in their pots Smile I wish you will be able to take your money at the end.
Better to get it a little delayed than no at all

Green had other kind of problems with carbon, from what i remember he wasn't allowed to deposit not to cashout...

Not sure the financial situation over at carbon but if you ask me that site(and network) is pretty risky, i mean any day basically the DOJ can close them down.

Hmm, sounds like no good news.
Will you please keep us updated about this.
I also play at Carbon, but have never deposited there till now and builded up a roll with freerolls.
I planned to deposit for the FDB and after the playthrough to withdraw a decent amount, so I am very interested about this matter.

Carbon is a serious site in the merge network and the software is nice. Normally you have no problems there. OK you must wait to long at the first withdraw time for the security check. But then there are no longer problems with the withdraw.

Really sounds fishy because after the last time I withdrew 200 by check Carbon did not allow me to deposit. I was gone for a week came back Friday and attempted to deposit and still could not. then I received an e-mail staurday, which I din't notice until Sunday, but it stated that my verification process had been approved and should be able to deposit.
Of course based on this I tried to deposit and what do ya know????? WaLa, Carbon allowed me to deposit. i don't know what's up with them, but I only deposited $25 just to see what's up besides, I was on my way back to building a BR from nothing and was up to a wopping $7.31. Maybe this intimidated them to allowing me to deposit. LOL

Good to hear about your issue though and please keep us posted. Soon as I increase my BR to above $100 I will attempt to withdraw. Check is the only way for me!

I also tend to think that there are no reasons to think that carbon might have financial problems, their traffic is pretty good which means tons of rake generated Smile

Anyway, OP make sure to keep us posted with the evolution of your situation Blink

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