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Posted by Mysik86:
Posted by grahamy27:
.i've noticed a lot of private freerolls you need a ticket for so BRM should look into this and issue all members with the ticket...will stop all those others who cant be bothered joining BRM from playing in the freerolls.

Excellent idea... I'm curious what our Admin think of it ??

even easier is to organize brm freerolls only for brm home games club members- so if u r a member you can play- if not, no tickets, no passwords will not help you- and members obviously would be accepted if they have an account with brm...

Posted by jammy30:
I would appreciate if you see any additional freeroles to let me no

you could have a go at 100K depositor freerolls- just withdraw $10 at the end of the month (since withdrawing will not let u take part in that months freerolls) and deposit them back at the start of a new month with bonus code- that way you can have a go at 4 $1000 freerolls a day...


how are you doing at the moment. give us an update how your bankroll is doing.

I must say it was a nice start, keep on going

wish you all the best

I don't want to say anything that's going to sound doubtful or go against your odds, but placing in freerolls alone isn't really about how good of a player one is. This is a tough challenge no matter who you are and I mean even a pro would have to be lucky to place in a freeroll on a consistent basis. There's just to many hands with to many takers who are out to donk you.
I guess once you earn some cash from one an opportunity to progress is there, but getting that first few $$ will be tough. Good Luck and keep posting your results.

Here, here!

UPDATE Big Smile

I'm thinking as you have not posted that you may well have had a downturn but I hope that's not the case.
You have only gone through 2 weeks of the challenge so still plenty of time to taste that sweet sweet whisky.

Do you play any Edinburgh tourneys? I live in the Burgh too.

how are you doing? are you tasting the whiskey yet?
i suppose its going tough playing all the freerolls, the BRM ones are quite hard to place in, i've done it in the past but it just seems so hard now, just a pure Aww crap! Aww crap!

goodluck anyways Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I was wondering how this challenge was coming along...

Since there are no updates since September 9th, I looked up his results, and there are no more MTT's on pokerstars, since September 10th.

On the 9th he won $4.40 in a freeroll, only to lose a $3.30 and a $1.10 buy-in tournament the same day.

Maybe he's moved on to cash games, but I'm guessing he quit. That would be too bad though; I found it interesting...

If he did move on to cash games, it would invalidate the results a bit, imo, because you can easily get a mate to donk off his stack to you.

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