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Since i posted my achievement for my 1st goal...suffered downswing in betfair for about 3 days br is down back to 80. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile ,,,any advice mobsters what to do in this situation...
i play nl4 holdem cash game always...

Hit a bit of a downswing myself. My problem is I haven't been sticking to bankroll management so this week I've dropped from $300+ to $200, which hurts quite a bit when I think I've been playing quite well. I just get bored winning a few dollars after a few hours and I keep fancying these bigger tournaments with nice attractive prize pools.

I guess you should evaluate your play first-most. Do you think you are on this downswing cos you played badly or on tilt? Or do you think you've been consistently unlucky? If you don't think you are outplaying the average player at nl4, you may benefit from some reading up. If it's tilt take a break or do something to get it out your system. If you're unlucky, I guess you should carry on doing what you're doing. Maybe drop down a level to help your bankroll.

Downswing always happen to everyone. I am sure can't avoid it, just reduce ! Try change game, s n g double up / bounty or heads up. Sometimes change situation for me, not always. In bad luck day,
always lost even had best hand Sad Sad . someone catch me when bluff

Sad Sad . Take a rest is the best way, I think. We need it !!!

Good luck next day Smile Smile

First of all you need to take a pause from poker for at least a day and it would be great if you could review some of the hands...

The important thing is take a bit of break, if you'll continue to play now you'll definately lose even more.

General rule is to find fishes and take their money
Second: the system will not let you win every day no matter how good you are.You have to trick it when is not paying attention
Good luck

No matter what, you cant avoid this, and the sure thing is that you dont know
how long will last.
Try some other sites or games and if that continues take a break Smile
and hope your coming back is a winning strike

Have a break if you're getting frsutrated, frustrated players give their money away.

Don't play tired - sometimes just doing something else entirely different is good to shift your mentality and energise yourself.

Downswings are natural - if it keeps happening, try and analyse some hands and spot where you're going wrong.

Thanks for the advice was really a card beating that i had the last few days..its seems that betfair notice that ive been running good in NL4 cash game... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

anyway, i tried some SNG last night and it was OK had some good i decided to play PLO to change things....maybe i will play again NL4 by next week....

Usualy advice is to drop levels and grind your way back to the level you are used and regulary playing..
Most people can and get annoyed by this and don't have the motivation/patience to do it since it's not very appealing and challenging.

Yeah i like your idea.. dropping levels but playing different format/game it's good.. if you are an equally solid player at them. That can be fun and helps to forget the losses.

Yesterrday was a bad bad day aswell.. that one out that always hits for the opponent.. good that i usually manage to get even.. but it sure is a hell of a rage and shouting day Sad

Posted by ayaraled:
Since i posted my achievement for my 1st goal...suffered downswing in betfair for about 3 days br is down back to 80. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile ,,,any advice mobsters what to do in this situation...
i play nl4 holdem cash game always...

Well be aware of yourbankrollmanangement. losing 20% of your bankroll in 3 days Aww crap! Aww crap!

Downswings are always there and ar ehard to handle...

Just be carefull with playing at the correct level versus your bankroll.

change of game is always interesting, in the lower levels of omaha there are a lot of players that are addicted to their starting hands. In Omaha you should at least have a str, flush or FH , depending of the cards on the table.

Even SNG double up can be a usefull alternative.

MTT are not very interesting when your experiencing a downswing...

still all the best and keep us informed

downswings are common thing in every players life- how you handle them is what makes you a good or bad player. reading what i've just written i must say that i'm a total sh1t kind of a player- since most of my downswings end up with $0- probably if it would be possible i would end up even lower Big Smile

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