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Hi,I don't have any points because i all spend for mobdraw tickets,few time over 1000,few about 500-600 and who knows how many time 100-200 and at the end I won with only 10 cards which I buy after last draw,thank you BRM for happy ticket and reward Worship ,now I have all that points which I spend,because I spend all what i won in calendar.
Did anyone send to moneybookers at beggining of the week and how many days will past before funds will be on my account,twice i send at the end of week and funds was in 2 days on my MB account?
Worship Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Worship Worship

lol the irony- spend hundreds, sometime even thousands of point only to have a win with 10 Big Smile good going nonetheless. i had a few attempts at mobdraw myself- was shipping point in hundreds, but then stopped, though about saving them for a withdrawal- probably wise decision since i got my withdrawal in the end Blink

I put in 149 points again this week and for tghe 58th time (week) I lost again or should say didn't hit. By the way! how many tickets do most of the players purchase? I'm about to buy a 1000, but it just seems useless to try winning the 5000 if I have to buy so many. That is not knowing by purchasing so many that I would win. If that were the case of course I'd do it. LOL

Congratulations, i also saw you won and i wonder why you didn't post up a thread since i knew that you are pretty active on the forum Smile

Spend them wisely and make even more if you think to deposit them on a poker platform Big Smile

Keep us posted and good luck!

Grats to you for your winning.
Guess you deserved it by spending so many points in the past.
I rarely play the draw, because I know that I have no luck in lottery.
I only buy from time to time 5 tickets for a chance.
Also didn´t won with my 100 tickets I won from the calender.

Congrats, the effort has finaly been paid. ou really like that game, you invested a lot on it, and you got to the conclusion it was worth it, you finaly won, and you have won a lot more than you ever invested there, so you have profits! It's good to see happy mobsters spreading their joy of getting some more from the site!

Congrats,This week is my first time when i put points on mobdraw,usualy i use my points for some mobsafe shots,wish me luck Smile

A while I was with good luck, now I get nothing):
I hope my time lucky again because I need money to play, I'm nothing ..
Congratulations on the award! continue your streak!
Greetings to all!

Thanks to everyone,now after that no chance that i will buy more than 20 tickets,same is with mob safe shots I get few times 50 and 100 shots and nothing ,I crack the safe with 1 shot we have every day 2 times,if you have luck you have if you don't have luck you can buy max tickets and nothing Thumbs Up

That's really cool to hit the mobdraw with only 10 tickets. I generally buy between 50 and 200 and have yest to win, but I'm not complaining, BRM has provided a lot of prizes to me over the last year besides the ability to discuss / read about poker experiences that appears to have helped my game with time.

Congratulations! Thumbs Up Blink

nice to see that you got a win at last Thumbs Up
i only buy 10 every week (never won) and sometimes i win a few hundred still no wins,as i think you have to be very lucky to win on the mob draw.
gl to all mobsters who try.

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