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Kingdom of Poker is closed !!!  0   
Hallo Pokerfriends !
Today i would play after a longer break at "Kindom of Poker" ( some say Kimgdom of Jokepoker ).
But was must i see ! It is closed !!
All my winnings are gone !! ( ~ 30 Dollars ). But , by the way . I dont lost MY Money , because i dont pay any Money in.

I think no one is angry about the end of this Pokersite !?? Big Smile

Never heard of this poker site, if I lost 30 on a site I wasted time to play real money
On I would be abit angry. There's no way you can get you 30$ back?
I.would try and talk to someone about it.

I haven't checked out the action there since the day i got my no deposit bonus there unfortunately...

The biggest problem was the lack of poker traffic and if you are an active player on other sites you simply do not have patience to wait for another player.

Not sure if you can get any of those money.

Somehow i feel glad for things haven't went that good with the no deposit bonus i ot there through BRM. At least i have nothing to lose, besides the oportunity of turning a no deposit bonus into real money, which means it would be just like starting from zero already with some money in the pocket, which usually makes all the difference. I still had some bucks there, but looks like they will not be giving any advantage to me anymore. Never the less, we should all try to enter there instead of just read and accept. I'm not doubting you, EgonOlsen, it's just it could have been a problem only from your pc or only in your country instead of afecting the WWW.

Sorry for you, but I guess its not a big surprise if they closed down the site.
How long can you run a site with this low traffic (of 10 people online as I wrote somewhere else).
So its good that you never cashed in at this site.

Yep, it was nor really a big surprise. The traffice there was verry low, but the software was ok. It was hard for small rooms today, a lot of poker rooms are in a network.

Didn't know thath Kingdom of Joker was still on.
Tought it would have been stopped earlier.
I played on the site for a while with the no deposit bonus of BRM.
Indeed, there was no traffic at all anf IF there was traffic you could not play normal poker.
Because of the maniacs & fish.
Although the software & graphicx where amazing !

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