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Hello all i just want to say that i am going to leave brm it has nothing to do whit brm that is a nice site

and there are a lot off friendly people that will help you if you have any problems its just that i am sick

about what happend at unibet and i am going to take a long break now and refresh my mind about everything

my trust in online poker is now on the deepest level that it can reach if you had expierienced what i have seen on that table

how is it possible that you get another hand history then the actions what you have done on the table its impossible to proof that there was something wrong if you get something like this a handhistory whit that 3150 chips

and my eyes see only 1700 on the table yeah offcourse i am fool donkey retard fish no brains never been to school never had some education

offcourse they make you look like a fool i believe in my self and i believe in what i have been treu you dont have to that is not what i am asking but good enough of this bull s*** lets go on whit real life

there's more then poker

have a good day at the poker tables

wish you all the best

I am not sure that I understand you. Are you trying to tell that you received a fixed/rigged hand history from Unibet?

i cant understand what you are talking about, show us this hand history you speak of
i have been running bad in poker for the last week or more but im not going to give up,
keep your head up and work your way through this and continue!

Sorry to hear that you are leaving us, especially seeing as a few days ago you weren't that bothered about the hand. I guess it's partly our (my) fault as we encouraged you to contact unibet for hand history of the next hand and pursue what went wrong. Tbh I didn't understand much of what you wrote since that first post, it was quite hard to follow your argument and see your evidence but I understand that you have lost confidence in unibet and online poker.

See you soon

Already explained to you how you mis calculated, yet you have opened another topic hoping they will give you a freebie. Stop slandering unibet and stop throwing hissy fits. You were returned what you had bet over the other players after the flop (you seem to think this should have been paid to you again at the end of the hand. Why would you get these chips back twice?) and given the side pot at the end of the hand, yet you seem to still have a problem. OK you mis calculated after going on tilt after not winning the pot but you have had plenty of time to calm down now. Stop being a child or quit poker for good and stop creating multiple threads about the same hand on poker forums just cos you made a bad all in shove where you got called by two people (surprise surprise both preflop raised then bet and raised after the flop) on a FREEROLL.

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I recommend you take a break from poker, but do not need to let BRM. I often I take breaks, but I always keep abreast in BRM to see if I get something new, news, promotions, etc..
Good luck on your break, I hope you take advantage of studying your game and build a new strategy

Fair enough.

But I think you just got on the wrong end of a technical hitch on Unibet.

They have had software problems ever since I have known about them, I'm sure this is the case.

Don't give up on getting your money back with them.

aye that was very poor what happened to you issi,i mean to win a pot only to see it give you half is very odd indeed and such a bummer.
i would keep on at them to try and resolve it,if not i would not play in that room again.
gl on your break and i hope you come back when you are feeling refreshed and ready to play again. Thumbs Up

I've never experienced anything like this and not denying the fact you didn't, but unless I had a definite for thing I might reconsider the fact that I overlooked something. I would especially consider that if it had to do with anything less then $10.00 , actually myself probably more, but good luck in all.
I have never played on unibet and maybe you should get on a table one more time and ask fellow players if they have ever experienced such an incident just to gain some satisfaction. Thumbs Up

I understand ye.. happened to everyone who plays enough! really bad swings can be really bad.. and for what i've experienced injustice tilt is the worst ever. Good thing to do take a break and enjoy other stuff =) Coming back in here or to the game or both i wish you good luck in whatever you do and always have fun!

Posted by teddybears73:
aye that was very poor what happened to you issi,i mean to win a pot only to see it give you half is very odd indeed and such a bummer.
i would keep on at them to try and resolve it,if not i would not play in that room again.
gl on your break and i hope you come back when you are feeling refreshed and ready to play again. Thumbs Up

Please look at the hand where he says he is only paid 1700 instead of 3150 then in the next hand as on this thread he complains about not winning more with his 3150 which he previously stated he was not given and only paid 1700.

This person is troll and should be banned.

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There are a lot of changes at the online poker at the moment. Payment restrictions, closing rooms, pokerroom network changesand so on. But a little break can help for frustrated players to get new motivation to play.

WOZZAmIGNUM you dont understand me how long do you have to poker to win whit ace ten against

pocket 33 and then you dont get your chips how long do you have to poker to notice this how long...

but the hand history tells you you have got those chips i am now 36 years old

and i have the balls to tell and agree if i do something wrong there are members who have seen that i have done so

everybody makes mistakes in his life and i dont understand that thing you talk about freebies do you think i want something free from unibet believe me they arent anymore on my pc

and when i read ur story i see u dont even know where you are talking about its so simple

that hand history off them is bulls****t i know when i have won again A10 against that pocket 33 hand history shows i have got those chips but on my table i got only 1700 chips back to my table

but i dont blame your thoughts a lot off people would react like you i knew that infront but as you see i have the balls

to say some about it and to post about it there where others that would hide and keep you a smile

in the face while they think the opposite i am not like that even if i got shet trowed to my head as you see

at least they have you as a satisfied costumer and again i have nothing against unibet its just about what happed

and before i end this thread i want to say something so Wozzamignum u trust in hand history so hand history is what happend on the table ??? wow...

keep it up that way 1 day maybe u will remeber me

at least there are people who believe me and that is nice to see that gives me a good feeling

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