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AA vs 22  0   
6 max sng 1.5$
me[button]- AA
raised 4BB , all folded except the Big Blind
he raised to all in
i called !
flop - 9 K 5
turn - j
River - 2

Utg wins the pot with 3 of a kind !!
AA as of my play till now is the most unlucky hand to me ... have lost a lot on them .. huh

Check your stats. Couldn't believe my bad luck on ps untill I checked my stats and realised I was winning 80% with aa shove. I could have sworn it was the other way around. Just the way our brain acts on tilt.

Well, that's poker for you. I've had days when I just couldn't win a single paired hand no matter if it was 22 or AA. As I said, it's poker and it's all about probability. If it's possible it will eventually happen, you can count on it!

But still, it really sucks when it happens to you. But of course when you're on the other side of things, you can't tell me that you don't get a small grin of satisfaction on your face Blink

I actually think I've lost more or at least folded out when playing the 2,2 which is probably logical since ones confidence level with a 2,2 versus A,A is less. All I know is no matter how many bad beats I've had with A,A it's always tghe best starting hand and I don't recall eve folding them.

Wozza makes a very good point when stating it's the way one's brain functions. Most people remember bad over good no matter what the subject matter is. Not saying we don't remember good things, but we always seem to have a clearer image of the bad. Maybe checking your stats like Wozza did could bring some positive insight to your dilemma.

That's just the way the cookie crumbles as they say.

It happens, but mostly it doesn't. As long as it's not a lot of your money on the line when that happens then you're safe.

Getting a badbeat like that is just part of the game - if you can continue playing after that and not lose concentration you'll do fine.

You can actually fold AA if you feel the timing or gut feeling makes it the right thing to do. oo many people put their tourney life or stack on the line for AA without realluy thinking of the potential. Tough decision though sometimes.

i've seen aces get cracked loads of times by small pairs so it's no big deal,hell i've done the cracking myself with 2's,5's 6's etc etc.
you've just got to accept that it's all part of the game and there will be times when you do the same to other players so keep at it and good luck on the felt.

Sucks i agree.
But those kind of plays is really common in the low stake sngs.
All you can do is feel good about getting it in with the best hand and think positive
if you start to think about it you'll just tilt and loose it all, not worth it Aww crap!

yeah !!! i have beat the AA many times before with absolute nuts on the flop Smile

You go an bad beat, it is simply as that and you played the hand perfectly Blink

As long as you understand what variance means you will realize that these type of hands should not affect you that much if you play a lot and respect brm.

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