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should all live pros play online too?

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It seems every pro is tied to some online poker site. I wonder if there are any pros who don't recommend online poker. I would imagine some of the older ones prefer to play poker tge way it should be played. The question is how crucial is it for todays pros to be versed in online play?

Were is the poll, no poll no answer.

My opinion : the PRO's are paid to play on x site Smile

There will be alot more live pros than on-line,
The problem with on-line and some live is there is a huge difference in pro and sponsorship, but they get the Pro states.
I think a lot of pros not endorsed would say play live.
The importance is only to their bankroll and reputation of site.
I vote no.

any pro who doesn't want to play online should be allowed to make their own decision,i don't think that they should be forced into doing it

Pro online and pro live are two completely different things.. A lot of online professionals are complete unkwnowns, grinding the mid-high stakes cash games, but not playing the crazy nosebleed stakes that makes them a name.

Live pros are different, generally just people who've done well on the live tournament circuit. I don't think there would be many live cash-game grinders who have a name for themselves either, outside of their local casinos / poker-rooms.

I don't think it's really crucial for live pros to play online, all of their sponsorship and such comes from showing their face on the live circuit. Outside of being contracted to online rooms (in which case they really SHOULD make an appearance online, for all the people playing on the site because of their endorsement of it).

Regarding the actual skill-building, I think all live-only "pros" would really need to bash out the sample-size that people can do online to discover if they're actually as good as they make out to be, or if they just got lucky in a few live donkamanets.

i'm really amazed at some of the dudes who r called "pro's"- have a feeling they r pro's at losing cash Big Smile take sahamies for instance- he is considered a pro, was a face of one online poker room (i imagine the money he received from them is gone for good). bottom line: pro= not always a profitable player in the long run?

Each poker site has a budget to advertize his services.And that site choose a known player to pay to promote that site .Is the way it work in selling a product,in this case ,poker services.
A pro player,plays poker to make a living,so where is good(live,on line) he try to do his job.

There are players that are indeed connected to an online poker site but they never have played there...

I think the best example must be Erik Seidel, he was at FTP but he never played online, i mean FTP only bought his image.

There is a world of difference between the two, and a world of difference in the people that play them i think.

Live is majorly different, you're one handed, long hours, real people, stuck at one table outwith your home.

Online, you can sit out or whatevere the f**k you want to do at the click of a button, use ttracking software etc etc.

I think in many ways online players have some small edge in mathematics but probably lack the feel of live poker which i find is much more instinctual and suits me better.

There isn't a pro who hasn't played online - otherwise they aren't a pro. Because every amateur, let alone a pro, knows there are tricks and different ways to play etc etc that if you didn't do both you'd be a massive fool and short on knowledge.

I guess that's the point really. No live poker player needs to play online to win more money, there's enough action in live poker, but the biggest earners in poker depend more on sponsorship than winnings, and in that case to ignore online poker is to to lose out on a large profit earner. I assume of course that players sponsored at various online sites should be playing there.

Other than I guess there are pros who specialize online and pros who specialize live and the two probably don't mix that much.

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