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I've folded AA once, there's a tiny set of circumstances in which it's the viable option, i find it quite easy to fold AK suited or otherwise in many different situations, but AA is a very tough lay down.

i definitely think you showed a higher level of thinking there fly, caution is the better part of valour sometimes. i have been in this situation in live games a few times notably twice with QQ with 2 all ins in front of me that both cover mine, first 1 was against A6os and JJ they flopped a ack, not so bad it was relatively early in the tournament. second time final table of 100+ runners £35 buy in game, 6 of us left 6th £180 5th £260 and the short stack utg goes all in the big stack next to him goes all in on top i am next sitting with QQ again and have 240k with about 1.4m in play, and i think about it know i am miles ahead of both there ranges and call all in, they flip over 66 and JJ there is a jack on the flop and the big stack wipes us both out, th e dealer counts out the stacks and i have marginally less than the shorter stack and i take 6th place he gets 5th for £80 more. if i had won the hand i would have been chip leader with 5 left, if i had folded i would have lost nothing and been at least another £80 up and still had a chance to win for £ it happened we both went out leaving 4 and they did a deal with my mate still in and got £500 each. so the moral i guess is any hand is entirely situational, and any hand CAN become marginal in our quest for the elusive 1st places Smile

yes id say this was bad play in any other situation other than this
i would of done the same in his position, as i been in same predicament AA came up on post#7 if i hadn't lost those chips id been in next run too WSOP main event.
I had feeling i should of folded, you cant all ways listen to just poker maths or intuition as i think this game is a balance of both disciplines,

Id ask How many AA you had in tournament, and past hr, days, weeks , as the poker maths/theory come in too play, if you had 2 hands with AA in same tournament the 3rd u probably going lose anyway!? Laws of averages/odds etc 2/3 ain't bad LOL

With AA your less likely get Royal Flush than AK suited and less likely too get +EV with RF? whys that AA is the new Royal flush?
with Poker Maths and Theory AA will not win 100% of thee time and if some one says it dose, and go by poker maths etc they kidding them self's, as intuition then comes in too play if u going go all in every time there's a AA in your hand
I think it comes down too Poker Player
are they playing the cards that are dealt or are they playing the player(s) (donk play?)

Im drunk soo ill stop ruffin on Cool

All thee best Thumbs Up
this has all ways intrigued me this topic AA fold or all in Evil
POKER maths/Theory/Strategy

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Incredible how many bad players in this thread. Anyone thinking EVER folding AA preflop outside of satellites & DoNs should seriously just quit poker.

AND U say u play Poker Maths?
there's no intuition what is it?
just donk play???
U play the cards not thee player IMO (u cant bluff all thee time lol)

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Posted by jessthehuman:
Incredible how many bad players in this thread. Anyone thinking EVER folding AA preflop outside of satellites & DoNs should seriously just quit poker.

Well said. Folding the nuts doesn't make any sense. Folding AA pre flop is like folding top set on the flop cause you think you're against a flush draw. Big Smile

That doesn't mean intuition isn't good sometimes, but you can't fold when you know you have the best hand by far mathematically. Good players know how to dodge races when it's a useless risk to their playable stack, but dodging the best that's just trying to be a visionary. Anyways, some people think they can see the future, let them have that illusion. In the long run a rational player will win a lot more chips.

I am so shocked how somany players defend this folding AA Sad
This is so basic Sad
I am so sad how so many players keep defending the fold even if there are 100% arguments from more then 1 people to do absolutely not to Sad

Folding AA preflop in a MTT... so sick Sad Sad Sad

I've folded AQ all-in pre-flop and in some occasions even AK and pps like 10/10 and under. I'm not saying it was always the best decision but i dont regret making them since to me at the time, from what i was reading from the table seemed the best thing to do. Never folded AA thou, dont even know if i could lol... goes against me since theres no better starting hand, why would i fold my Pre-flop nuts?

Let me get hypothetical here: Its a big mtt... I'm already itm, like 6th place with 12 players left, and therefore 3 places away from a FT with some major 6 figures cashes... I'm holding AA and 5 players go all-in... hmmm... if i fold and 4 players fall out i guarantee myself a big pay but in the other hand if i get involved and win i could easily be top 3 and fight for 1st place...

10 seconds to think but i would still call. yep... cant fold AA pre-flop sry. Post flop sure but thats not the subject here.

You can easily fold Ak and AQ preflop in MTTs. Say 2 nits start raising and re raising each other or there is a huge prize jump in money. Regardlress, if 2 player are all in the very best you can hope for is your flipping and at worst your crushed. I absolutely hate hands like Ak and AQ in deep stacked mtts. I always to look to exploit my post flop edge and play these hands accordingly.

Thx all for the replies.

Just want to say that I still would do the same.
In my poker play , I ll only go all-in preflop when I am shortstack.
I like to play after the flop, which I think it s pretty good.
my poker game is mainly based on statistics and positional play.

But still for everyone I wanne say

Keep respect for anyones decision and replies

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