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Have you ever read a book on poker?

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I have read a few.. not enough to be honest.
If you should? ofcourse you should, if you take it seriously enough.. it's like learning a bit of math and thinking your a mathematician. If you wanna be a complete and top player you need to learn the game by various ways. All the top players read books and keep on trying to improving by reading watching videos taking lessons sharing info etc etc.

Anyone who doesn't think he needs which is kinda common with human nature and ego, will never be any good. I have read a few, doyle's supersystem a book about the mentality of poker which was very good and i recommend aswell harrington on holdem, a more up to date book who is thought for online poker aswell. I have read others but didn't find that good.

Alot of things on the books if read i already have thought about or "knew", but until we confront ourselves with that questions we never feel confident on them. And ofc.. i learnt other ways to see situations and alot of new stuff to use.

I like book poker for me beginner player poker

Posted by jessthehuman:
Posted by sadamman:
No Cool

I've never fully read a book since I was a kid, and it was a childrens book lol. I didn't even bother reading the english literature one in school. Too much saggin.

just... wow.. that really saddens me. Do you actually have literacy problems or some other disability? Or you just don't read? You're missing out on such a fantastic part of life if you've just chosen not to read.

Fair enough if you don't watch TV/Movies either, but if you do watch movies or tv shows and enjoy them, then you're completely screwing yourself by never reading.

Anyway - I've read a couple poker books: Kill Everyone, Professional No-Limit Hold 'em: Volume I, come to mind as books I'd probably recommend.

I don't think any book will dramatically change your game over-night. But there's tiny little bits of information that maybe you don't already know that you can pick up and add to your game. Maybe just change the way you think about a couple things.

I agree on both counts. Reading opens your mind to so many things, knowledge, imagination, viewpoints, vocabulary, focus. As a parent of two grade school aged kids, one of the things I have made sure of is that they both view reading as something positive and enjoyable to do on a regular basis. There are so many things pulling kids towards sedentary viewing of video monitors (television, computer, mobile devices, etc.) that you really have to make sure their lives are well balanced in regards to this.

On your advice I purchased Professional No-Limit Hold 'em and can endorse this choice of readings as well. If you have recently started poker I also recommend David Sklansky's The Theory of Poker, which used to be advanced reading but is nowadays more of an initiation to the basics of poker play.

Posted by mahdrof:
On your advice I purchased Professional No-Limit Hold 'em and can endorse this choice of readings as well.

Yeah, it's a pretty good one, I think it's actually a better book than Kill Everyone - although one is for cash and one for MTT obviously.

I have an eReader now actually and no longer have any use for paper-books. I've been thinking for a while if I can sort something out with admin - I might try and give away Prof no limit holdem and Kill Everyone to people on this forum - via some kind of little competition or something, would depend on admin though acting as a kind of proxy to post them out :/

I did read a lot of books on poker when I just started learning the game.

Doyle's super system and harrington on holdem are great books to get you started but it's just on live poker, nothing on online poker. I'd prefer some tutorial videos or watch some session reviews, much easier to relate.

I've read a few poker books and to be honest, while it gives you a good basis for the etiquette of Poker, I find that after reading my game goes all ovber the place as I try to put into practice some of the advcie I have just read. BEst advice? Chip in and out from time to time and fiocus on your own style.

I can advise to watch vods by PODOXS.very good couch of middle limits.and to read Harrington and Moshman especially if you plays offline poker.But i think you have a lot of play and the ability to come with experiense.

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