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Where is the most interesting place you've ever played poker?

The most interesting place you've played  +1   
Since poker can now be played on your phone there really is no limit to where you can play the game? So poll 40: Where is the most interesting place you've ever played poker?

Hmm difficult poll since I don't know what the answers could be. So I came up with some generic places that could cover lots of interesting places.

In how many of the above places have you played poker?

I've played in 3 of them. See if you can guess which? Big Smile

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In a Casino - Boring? maybe!!! Well u put it there despite clicking it although i did presume it was a multiple entry poll - howerer it is probably the most interesting place I have played Due to being a MMT national final and the dynamics of changing table with real people and table stories going round reading play etc was a great and interesting time for me.

where would the most unusual place i would like to play within practical boundries i guess at the bottom of a swimming pool in scuba gear would be laugh and could be possible with a few basic hand signals in place.

I did once finish a Tourny at 2am in the morning in the car park of my local Mc donalds after my connection at home went off.

as well as most of the above except Behind bars,on a mountain (far too much else too see) and underground- where i guess a signal for online would be quite hard to obtain.

My add to list would be - in the bath- in a field- in church at a wedding ooops-

I'd say it's in a casino myself. I'm guessing you've played in a casino, and in a garden deffo. But the third one hmmm, I'd say more than likely in an office. But it could also be in a vehicle, on the toilet, or on a mountain with todays technology. Or underground if you have a basement. Or you could have been to prison lol.

i've never played anywhere else only in my home Sad
although i would love to play in a casino i've just never got round to it,i used to go to the local casino every friday night for about a year (played roulette and blackjack). that was about 10 years ago before i into into playing poker.
maybe one day i will.

In casino for sure. Nothing beats that feeling and atmosphere. I would recommend anyone to try it out at least once if they didn't already. Especially if you play online a lot. You ll enjoy the game much more and you ll gain patience as well as experience along with it. I've played in office and in garden as well but i think it isn't worth mentioning.


I hate to confess, but my very first game of poker was in jail. I was about 17 when I got caught with a 12 pack of beer and had to spend 15 weekends in jail during my Senior year in High School. Haven't been back since, but it was a lesson learned.
The most interesting place I've played poker is probably on top of the BigHorn Mountains in Wyoming. It was Wnidy as hell. We struggled to put up the tent and once we finally got it up it started raining, cold and decided to play poker. We didn't have chips or enough change and the four of us decided we'd play for chores. It was a bit weird, but never will forget.

I can't believe this is on your list. I went back to select none of the above and it was there. lol

I know its only 15 weeks but it still must have been bad. For having beer aswell Shock Even if you were underage thats still overkill. Why not just tip the beer out take you to the police station put you in a cell for a bit and tell your parents. Thats all that would happen nowadays. But even then, if it was in this country thats a bit overkill too lol.

I’ve played in lots of places: kitchens, clubs, gardens, garages, leaving rooms, and once I did it in a casino, besides the PC. The most interesting was a kitchen from some Erasmus students living in my city that loved the game, and it was great because we notice the difference in terms of cultures just for being playing at their place. I happen to won some, but the game was certainly the most fun part, strategically different than being playing only with my usual friends. Agree

Probably one of the three places must be a toilet lol.
Its not an interesting place, but its one where sometimes you need to take your laptop
and continue your play, cause simply, you are playing a tournament, you are doing good,
and you cant by no means, to wait for the next break Smile

I have to admit that this is a pretty interesting topic and of course the most weird places are definately those in which you can play on your mobile...

If we talk about live poker then i think a nice place would be indeed a good looking casino for sure.

Played not so much live.
But i remember a Euro25 rebuy where i busted and never came close to reaching the final table.
Which was a pitty cos the dealer was a very nice girl, big boobs and very flirty, my favourate.
Anyway did watch the whole final table which i normally never do.... Evil

I played only in my home, watching in my LCD display Big Smile

But one day... maybe I will play in other nice places? And maybe I will win? Tongue

On a toilet, but my pushing range was too open so I quitted Tongue

In the classroom ;x and i've made almost $20 in 5mins of break Big Smile then my teacher take my deck Aww crap!

I played with my friend in a moving train in omaha heads up.The matches were our chips))))That was very fun and interesting))))

not necessarily interesting, but different, in a hotel befroom while the kids were sleeping in the next bed and wifey watching some trash on tv. how to spend the weekend away from home!!!!!!!!!!!

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