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How would people react if they could see you playing poker?

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If they could see you...  0   
It will be interesting to see if online poker ever moves to video poker. Live poker is so much better than online and there's a whole extra skill set for players to exploit But I think not being seen is such an advantage that most players online would prefer it. If there was video poker then only those who were very confident in their poker face would risk playing. you couldn't make it compulsory either as players would just fake their online presence or at least cover their faces.

The question is what would people see if they could see you playing poker?

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People would be surprised how I play because my face cannot be read. I like to smoke a joint before I play & nobody can get an honest read. Have been unbeaten in 3 1/2 months of home games. .50 cent chips
Smoking a joint does not change the way I play

there is such a game on 888 poker....using webcams. I have never played; but have watched a few tables. Its pretty neat, brings a whole new instance to the game.

I wouldnt really like it, it would be more of a gadget instead of a real advancement to the game. Not many people will use it to go after tells but instead will use it to tilt the other players with their behaviour.

Also since a lot of players multitable it would be difficult to really concentrate on the body language of your opponents. It would be more confusing then helpfull.

If wanted a group of people with webcams could actually setup to play video poker as such, but for it to as you define there'd probably have to be monitors with built-in cams that one could focus, adjust, etc. If this were capable case and site stipulated that video capabilities would be a requirement to play on their site it would be unique indeed.

I'd say by looking at me one would want to communicate for the simple fact I'm not to scary looking and my wife has always stated whereeveer I go I make friends or good aquantences.

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