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I'v heard some rumours about a new pokerstars client that will include a
"run it twice" option....
anybody got some info's on that?

In simple terms....NO! But am not sure what you are referreing to! Any chance you can assist a simple person and explain what 'run it twice' means so that I can take a look for myself and see what its all about? Thank you very much.

You probably allready saw it on High stakes poker or poker after dark:
An example:
Two players are all in preflop in a cash game
Player1: AK
Player2: QQ
Too reduce variance the players can choose their "run it twice" option if both players agree,
then the dealer spread out different boards with each board equal to 50% of the pot.

Board 1: A 3 5 8 9
Board 2: 2 5 8 8 2

In this case the players would split the pot equaly.

Other Case

Board1: A 3 10 10 4
Board2: K 8 4 4 3

Then player 1 who holds Ak would win the whole pot

on tv they even run it sometimes more then 2 times.
3 times= each board equal 33%
4 times= each board 25%....

This option can be used at any time when players are all in and there is still a card to be dealt


Didn't heard about it but i know on the old ftp you could have this option...

Maybe once they'll open ftp again you'll have this option on both their poker platforms Blink

I think it would be a good idea to have this in online cash games as this is offered live in most casinos. Sometimes they even run it 3 times. The only issue is that this slows down the online game, which is usually much faster than live. Do they offer it for all levels and in that case does that mean every time someone goes all-in they have the option to request run it twice, at micro-stakes I think it will just lead to slow hands and more annoying hands when two donks go heads up.

I would definitely use that option, if it was available online.
That gives you the chance of going all in with more than your selected usual cards,
so it broadens the chances

the run it twice function is now available in the new pokerstars client.
there are multiple options to choose from.
Somebody tried it?

This is pretty weird option... it looks like you'll be dealt 7 cards, not 5... But yes, it broaden chance of winning a lot! And I think, that this option will be available only in high stakes only.

i think if pokerstars would consider this option they would only be able to do this on "special" tables with this option available- something similar to jackpot tables on some sites. to use this function on all tables by default- i doubt this. but if they would implement this option on some tables, i guess it would be nice feature to use.

It's allready implied:
Options-run it twice
then you can choose between:
and by table (default on/off)
but i didnt saw any special run it twice tables

so i assume that this option is allways available if both players have chosen it before

Its now available at certain low stakes PLO table up to 0,5/1$

thats a good option to make when playing omaha where you always go all in with big hands and big draws...the fish now can call ang get lucky with one board but not with the other so its going to be great....

would be great if it's going to be available for zoom especially for PLO
so much donkaments in this Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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