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Good evening bankrollmobsters,

I'm planning to withdrawal my bankroll from yachting poker and moving it to pokerstarsBE since the Belgian governement has legalized pokerstars but banned almost all other pokersites.

So my questions are:

1) has anybody got experience withdrawing from yachtingpoker? Overall I'm very positive about their support so I hope withdrawing won't be an issue, problem is they only offer banktransfer so I have to wait for at least 5 days to receive my money.

2) Normally you have to deposit in order to withdraw from yachting, I didn't do that but apparently I can withdraw my winnings but just not the innitial 5€ no deposit bonus, anybody got experience with this??

What I want to do is withdraw with banktransfer from Yachtingpoker and then meanwhile just deposit my bankroll at Pokerstars, so it's a zero opertion.

Thanks in advance !!

My advice would be to opt for an e-wallet, i know a friend used skrill some months ago...

Also you do not get any e-wallet as as cashout option because first you need to make a min deposit with that in order to cashout Blink

your best bet is to open a Moneybookers account, make a min deposit and transfer to that account. A wire transfer is going to cost you big time and you'll wait a long time for it to appear in your bank acc.
What happens now is the points you earn while playing there will be credited to your deposit bonus and not the NDB, so when and if you clear your deposit bonus you'll resume clearing the NDB. They will let you withdraw funds except for the min deposit and the NDB. Unless they changed their policy then this is how it all should go down. You can still go for the wire transfer without the deposit but the fees with take a good chunk of your roll...if your willing to accept that then go it. Forewarned is forearmed.

Definitely moneybookers or some other e-wallet is the best and easiest choice but on Yachying they don't support moneybookers for all countries.They don't have that option for my country (i don't know why is that) and when i was making deposit there i used my visa electron.
I plan to do my withdraw for about ten days and also plan to do that with bank transfer because i don't have other option.
I don't know can you do withdraw without deposit,because it is condition on all sites,but i managed few days ago to withdraw from one site on microgaming network without deposit so you can try.Only thing i think on Yachting they are going to ask from you pictures of some your ID,some bill not older than 6 months and your credit card.
Anyway ( i write too much already Smile ) if you try bank transfer can you post here your experience with it?

Thanks for the info !!

Opened a skrill account (moneybookers) and transfered funds to deposit on Yachting. After that I'll withdrawl my bankroll (probably after completing the first deposit bonus), by moneybookers and start playing at pokerstars. (This is probably gonna take two weeks since all the transfers take so damn long !!).

@ Starinanovak, I'm probably going to start a blog about my bankroll travels so you can hopefully read my experiences there Smile

Completing first deposit bonus will take some time, because you get 200% bonus and min deposit is 10 euros so you get 20 euros bonus.Bonus is released in increments of 5 for 2500 points and you get one point for one cent rake so you need to make 25 euros rake to release 5 euro bonus.(I am telling this to you from personal experience Smile )And i think that making this amount of rake is little difficult because of structure of tournaments and not many cash tables active.
Anyway I am not complaining on Yachting because i made decent bankroll there from 0 Smile .
GL with your bonus

Yes I noticed. The traffic is really slow but once in a while you get a good 5nl or 10nl game going. Dont really know if I'm going to try to clear the bonus because I think I can get more out of by bankroll on pokerstars then on Yachtingpoker. Now just waiting for all the transfers to happen. Patience a good virtue if you want to play poker Big Smile

I have o agree with the OP on this matter, yachting is one of those great poker sites if you want to build up a bankroll from nothing but once you have enough money for NL10 you need to move to a poker platform with more traffic.

I also have to agree with your last text: patience is everything in poker Blink

Hello weakminded,i hope you don't have problems wiht your withdraw to moneybooker keep us informed on how things go. Because i will make a small deposit soon, i am very interested to know if there are problems when you want to cashout.Waiting for updates from you in any case whish you good luck. Cool

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