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Hello, I personally do not play much online because I have not botenido good results.
Playing live casinos I've done pretty well, but I can not do my online bankroll ever.
I played on PokerStars and PartyPoker but is completely normal until they start the beat bet all together and I get on tilt.
I hope their views ... Aww crap!

Well I'm no electronic poker pro nor one who has played enough live poker, but I know enough that on-line poker promotes more opportunity for a player to make reckless calls versus when a player is playing live. There are so many hands being dealt that anything can turn into a bad beat due to the players will at times call on anything. Seems like Re-buy games are really bad for this and any type of freeroll.

You'll probably receive some good feedback from some of the more knowledgeable players here in the forum. Lot of good players document their oppinions and share their knowledge here in the forum.

online you have alot of people playing for fun or out of boridsm, at the felt there is more competitiveness.
people don't care on line about playing stupid, lve no one wants to look like an idiot live.
online there is little mental game, its math for a good player and bluffs are hard to pull well..

I do not have much live experience (only playing sometimes with some friends but that s for peanuts)
Online I play frequently but at micro stakes 0.01-0.02 or 0.02-0.05

If you play freerolls --> lot of gamblers there, especially the 1 rst hour, I dare to admit that I sometimes play a freeroll as third or fourth table and just go allin the first good hand I get and hope to win and have a good start. I guess several players do that.

I try to avoid rebuy turneys --> a lot of gambling untill add-on.

So standard I play SNG 1-tables or HU, cash tables and fast poker, torney when I have time enough

This works fo me as I can maintain my bankroll at a decent level.

Well I have to say playing online and playing live both need different strategies.
I made some good results in live for about 2 years now , but online its just since a few months that my bankroll keeps growing (with some downswings tho)...

But playing live is much more serious , only a few dorks.... online it really keeps you to get a view of what players play serious , and who is one of the bunch that doesnt care about the little money and just plays All-in poker or lottery.... also when you get higher stakes online you see it gets more serious too....

I prefer live tho , but online is just nice to play because you can play whenever you want... Smile

If you have where to play live and you earn good money out of it why to switch to online poker??

Online poker it's played totally different compared to live poker, online you need to make volume in order to have profit.

I play live in a league twice a week, its great, at the end of the season we have competitions, and we get points at the end of every game , also cash games, i love it, much better play than online, but i still play a lot on line im just addicted to poker Big Smile

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