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guess the new Team pokerstars pro  0   
Pokerstars gives away 50$ for guessing the new "team PS pro".
They will give small hints and you can make ONE single guess on twitter to win 50$.

here's the first hint:


Hum... kinda hard, since he's a poker player it gives us alot of options, having been deep run at the PCA 2012 makes the number of players definitly shorter, but still a wide range. Nanonoko finished at 120th place at the PCA, so it depends on what he considers a deep run like him? Would be nice if it was the higher places than him.. but still alot of players. Looking at the names tho i only find a few of them (who are regular) players at pokerstars that i know.

I see there timoshenko aswell at 52th place and he has been playing again at stars lately.. but that's really unlikely, Kyle Julius is a very good and regular MTT player at stars but he doesn't play much cash i think? i think the best way is get the PCA 2012 results and start thinking about it.

I think we need more hints in order to have a better idea on who will be the next stars pro...

Many now consider that stars should invest more in promotions for players like more often reload bonuses, etc than more team pros.

PHILL HELLMUTH Big Smile IF HE PLAY FOR POKERSTARS ;x I will play again on Pokerstars just for watching him in tilt Smile)

well i don't think it's nanonoko as he is telling you about the player,he also said it was a man.
could it be hellmuth we'll have to wait and see,i think we need more clues. Smile

well he just said the play that will be announced has run deep at the last PCA like he did. Nanonoko finished 120th at the PCA, he said he's a poker player so no celebrity and he said he plays cash and tournaments. I think it's pretty good hints already, if he gives alot more it will be too easy.
It's narrowed down tbh, you see the list of PCA top places and tbh, the player who will join must be someone who hes known by everybody who plays online or knows the good players. So, in the list i've seen you have like 10 players who could potentially be.

If you think you know who it is, simply follow @PSTeamOnline on Twitter, then @tweet them the following message:

“I'm (insert PS Username here) on @PokerStars, and I think the new @PSTeamOnline member is (Insert the PS Username or Real Name of your guess here) #GuessTeamOnline”

Between today and tomorrow you can send in your guess and, if correct, you'll be entered into a draw to win one of 50 prizes worth $50.

Faraz Jaka finished 3rd,but I dont think that he plays that much cash

here's the solution

Edited by SirPoncho (18 October 2012 @ 14:56 GMT)

Pretty obvious considering the superstar showdown.

Haxton becomes a poker star
It's official, Isaac Haxton is the newest member of PokerStars online roster of pros. After two days of clues, including Daniel Negreanu singing his, the site has finally made the official announcement.

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