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Could we be happy? with what we hear, that´s the question.
Full Tilt is back on November the 6.
What do u think about?

now id depends on what you really want to know: should we be happy that full tilt is going to be back: YES. do you doubt if it's going to be back on November the 6th...i think no worries here, pokerstars will try all to keep their image. Are you worried about how full tilt gonna operate: yes, this is an issue, they will shift more towards pokerstars in terms of rakeback & overall promos, but it will still be a great site, i think stars and titl will complement each other

I will for sure give it a try and see how it develops.
Beeing owned by Pokerstars it will be for sure one of the safest option in online poker.
Unfotunately they will change the promos and rakeback in the direction of a Pokerstars 2.

Full tilt was always my favourite and tbh i'm getting a little sick of party poker, especially since BRM don't really run anything there. If full tilt is half as good as it was before black friday i'll be spending the majority of my time there.

I hope we will be happy, all of us, because i waiting too the NOVEMBER RAIN Big Smile and when it rain i think to win some $ from the fishes Big Smile i hope you will be happy and win Daily Dollar Big Smile and if you want you can beat durrrr or isildur1 Big Smile don't know... you need to win few pots of $400.000 for be happy Smile) enjoy your money Big Smile

So many setbacks and controversy since fulltilt shut down that i think the crazy stories will continue along with the judgement of the people involved, but now it has nothing to do with the new fulltilt, hopefully. I think people can be a bit positive despite all the pessimist, even tho this situation gives pokerstars alot of power in the online gaming owning now the two biggest names, i think even with that it's the best possible solution, because with pokerstars we know they have a profissional and clean behaviour and approach to the business and a winning management mentality and formula already proven. So i think fulltilt couldn't be in better hands. As for the monopoly it creates in the online gaming, the good thing is poker unlike other business, is a market where people try to exploit the weaker opponents, something you will always find in smaller sites. In that sense i think the other sites will always have a loyal player base and it won't affect that much the market.

I wouldn't expect many bonuses and promos from fulltilt tho, since they don't have that tendency @ stars, can't be blamed tho they have a huge playerbase without it and they are doing fine.

These are positive news, people who had money at FTP when Black Friday just saw that the access to their money was blocked on that day. So, now, having access again to the money, with the possibility of withdrawing it without having to play with it, it’s just the return of justice. We should be happy, in first place because a right has been applied, we can all get what’s ours again. In second place, we can also feel happy for having one of the biggest online poker sites working again, but that should really be looked as secondary. FTP will give new fortune to the new owner, but the most important is the old fortunes released to the old owners.

Well we are happy of course that after such a long time they will come back (its still a wish though
never can tell Smile), but as we have seen, they are going to change things.
Now we will only be able to tell how the software is, and the actual changes occurred, once we are
actually logged in the platform.
The best thing though is that we will have access to our money again.

i am happy hear that and think players money will paid even I no have money there Big Smile Big Smile and never make good win as little as $ 50 !! I don't understand why many player love it, for me just same like other my favorite site.

I'll probably have to wait a bit longerthen some to be happy since I think it will take some time for things to develop into the U.S., but I can't see PS or FT totally shunning the U.S. With the market demands be so high by U.S. players wanting to have somewhere to play poker it just don't make sense to ignore it. Waiting patiently to be happy!

I think for all people that actually had money there the clear answer to your question is definately Yes!

If we talk about how the site will be after stars will manage it only time will tell an here i'm talking about the promotions that ftp had.

i am excited for the full tilt poker coming back online november 6th! its going to be a great day.
though i didn't have any money on my account at the time. but i wont hesitate to join the tables there again.

Site has a countdown timer. 15 days still left till relaunch.
Checked the site to see if there are any latest news, but didnt see any.
The one thing i noticed and probably was published before, is that among other changes
the Academy is history.
Download still doesnt work.

yes we are excited however we cant be too excited about reliving the FullTilt experience that we remember as it is already marketed in a similar branding style to pokerstars and will nondoubt suffer from a gradual bleed from pokerstars into its overall fabric..... so lets wait and see

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