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Hello mobsters!
Yesterday night I was playing a few MTTs on TitanPoker including
"10k Bonanza depositors satellite" and "weekly depositors freeroll"

For the first time in ages I felt comfortable in MTTs and was doing pretty well...
After about 2hours of play I started getting these annoying connection problems..
After I got disconnected for a couple of times I couldn't reconnect anymore...I got a message saying I had another session open..I tried closing "casino.exe" from task manager and rebooting my computer and everythig.. no help..
After waiting for about 60 min. I managed to connect again but I was out from both tournaments..Luckily I was deep enough in the satellite and won the ticket, and already in the money in the depositors freeroll..
Still I'm kinda disappointed since I only got ~$2 from the freeroll...after 3h of play..would've liked to see how good I could have done..

Anyways, I'd like to know if anyone else has had similar problems and any ideas if the problem is about me, or titan's servers ?

It happen to me twice in last week,lost connection with th server .Seem that the merger has to be work more to avoid jamming the server.Same kind of errors happen often at Unibet.
Sorry for your lost.
Good luck

Most probable is that the problem is really about you. I'm not saying about your PC or your internet connection, but maybe you've got problems with virus, malware or something. It's very common when we install this type of software. I believe it has nothing to do with online companies, but this should also be a point of attraction of hackers, who see in these softwares another opportunity to try to take over some kind of benefit. Hope you can play your game til the end next time, this way you will see what you're really capable of.

Yes happened to me a few times last week or 2 weeks ago can't remember, was playing HU SNG which was very **** annoying, specially when i was playing Turbo ones. At a time i actually was going nuts because on those games if you leave for a while it's enough to lose almost all your stake, and i was losing money aswell. Don't understand the disconnects, but they weren't as long as yours, was like 5 minutes maximum. But that was definitly a site problem, since my inet connection was perfectly fine.

If Titan is still with ipoker then its not something new, the problem you are facing.
I believe its by far the network with more connection problems.
The lag also that i was getting there while i was playing regularly hasnt happened
anywhere else so far.

similar problem to me,it happens since last week and couldn't solve the problem,it's not from us,their soft is to blame,i talk to the support several times and said their soft has some technical problems

It's still with ipoker yes, had like an hour again another 2 or 3 disconnects in a row lol.. glad i wasn't doing anything relevant there or i would be really pissed. ANother thing that pisses me off sometimes there is the fact that their support are really annoying with trying to sell players up promotions, sometimes i tell them "i am playing atm ill talk to you later" and they just keep on talking and talking about promotions and bonuses.

I do not currently play on titan poker but back in the day i played there it happend from time to time...

I only played cash games so i did not had similar problems to yours. Good luck!

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