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2012 WSOP Main Event: The Final Table Kicks Off Today!

The 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event started on July 7, 2012 with 6,598 players each putting up $10,000 to create a $62,031,385 prize pool. Today, after about a 3 month break, the final nine players ("The October Nine") will meet again at the Rio in Las Vegas and fight for the remaining $27,285,025 in prize money and, of course, the world champion title! Jesse Sylvia, from the U.S., will bri[...]   Read more » 2012 WSOP Main Event: The Final Table Kicks Off Today!

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Andras Koroknai will have a lot to do if he wants to bring this title outside USA. Jesse Sylvia leads with a big advantage, and five of the nine players have less than 20 million chips. I don't know the value of the blinds, but bet can quickly put the game of any of these five last players in the ranking in question.

1 Jesse Sylvia 43,875,000
2 Hungary Andras Koroknai 29,375,000
3 Greg Merson 28,725,000
4 Russell Thomas 24,800,000
5 Steven Gee 16,860,000
6 Michael Esposito 16,260,000
7 Robert Salaburu 15,155,000
8 Jacob Balsiger 13,115,000
9 Jeremy Ausmus 9,805,000

Those are the seatings and chip counts.

the blinds gonna kick off at 150/300k with 40k ante and there is 1 hour and 9 mins left in this level.
After that 2 hour levels,so there is still a lot of play left, as there are nearly 700 bb on the table and even the short stack Jeremy ausmus got 33 BB left

This may sound crazy but I´d like to save the 2$. has anyone paid the 2 $ to watch the livestreaming. If so please accept me Sidwild1 on your skype sothat I may watch it from your skype camera.

anybody got some news on backers for the final 9?
heard something that salaburu sold a lot of his procentages

If you've managed to avoid any spoilers for this year's WSOP Main Event final then you can enjoy comprehensive coverage of the event across of variety of ESPN affiliate channels across the world.

The Main Event's broadcast directory has just been released and if you can’t manage to watch the event on your TV then you can watch from the comfort of your desktop at

I think they marketed this final table really well compared to other events, i mean everyone in the poker world talks about it!

Since i do not have time to watch it live i will definately check it out once i'll have some spare time Big Smile

Having the last one of the ranking starting with 30 bb is a good promise for a lot of action in this table still with all the nine. In the news and in the SirPoncho’s post we have the players listed by the chip rank, but their position at the table will also make a lot of difference in what concerns to the game, and the lower ones can take advantage of having bigger stacks behind them. If it was me, I would prefer to have chipleader talking first, this way I would know better about what to count from each hand.

Tonight from 17.45 Las Vegas time (01.45 CET) the final three players remaining in the World Series of Poker Main Event will play down to a champion.

This news piece will be providing you all the updates and action from the Penn & Teller theater as well as pictures and interviews with the players and rail.

Ewww, that Koroknai donk made it to final table... So lucky this guy. It was so ugly when he mucked his hand when he thought he won after shoving pre flop. Gaelle Baumann called his all-in with kings then he mucked his hand. In my opinion, this board should've been dealt. The guy moved all in THEN mucked after she called... just ridiculous.

Let's just muck our cards everytime we shove and someone insta calls... good strategy lol

After 9 days of play (7 this summer and 2 this week), just one player was left standing at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. He accumulated the entirety of the 197,970,000 chips in play and defeated a field of 6,598 players.

That player was Greg Merson, a 24-year-old American poker pro from Maryland.

For his accomplishment, Merson will receive a massive $8,531,853, the title of 2012 World Champion of Poker, his second WSOP bracelet.

On top of that, Merson has just edged out Phil Hellmuth in the WSOP Player of the Year race with this finish, so Hellmuth is finishing 2nd in that leaderboard for the 2nd consecutive year (last year he narrowly lost to Ben Lamb).

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