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Tony G Answers Questions

Last week, Tony G asked his Twitter followers to ask him questions about poker and other things they were curious to know. Here are some of the highlights: Dan Leroux: What's better: beating the GOAT, or an evening with a top model?Tony G: I only know sports betting models - that can be more satisfying than beating the GOAT Simon Walmsley: What is the biggest pot in $ you have played in (Don't h[...]   Read more » Tony G Answers Questions

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Raymond: How much do you think you'll take @phil_hellmuth for this year? Few mill?
Tony G: As much as i can!<<<< u go tony G ya da man lol

Wow. Tony G admits he quits poker if someone gives him $20 million. It’s a lot of money, but if we think well about the subject, it’s not that much and I know there are a couple of crazy stars from poker who were available to join this sum and give it to him like a challenge to see if he would really keep his promise of never play a poker hand again, like one of those crazy challenges Tony G is used to do. Antonio Esfandiari won $18 million in one time at One Drop, and it wasn’t all for him, but for $20 million having Tony G away from the tables…

I personally do not think the part where he says that he won a over 3 mil dollars pot...

We all know that Tony G always exagerate things and i think this statement was one of those situations.

And yeah, the hellmuth answer was smart Big Smile

Tony G is one of the most colourful and open poker players in the world and at the recent WPT event in Paris Tobias Frey caught up with him to chat about life on and off the felt.
During the interview the pair discusses a number of topics, including Tony's time at the Olympics, his backing of Dan Cates and the biggest cash game pot he's ever played.

Im not sure if I hate or love Tony G .. Question Question
At the same time he is very entertaining and also very disgusting man...
But what we all can agree on is that he's one great poker player..

Loved the Hellmuth answer : D

no interest in anything he has to say inarticukar when he invites people to ask him some questions about himself so for all you pople who want to listen to him then go ahead and do so but for now im going to sleep!,,

I find hm the most horrible man on the poker circuit. He slags off Hellmuth who has won more WSOP bracelets than any player, let alone Tony G..

If he were that good ( which he isn't ) then he'd be up there in the top ranking WSOP players. He's not even close ).

Personally the only thing I'd like to do is take a baseball bat and wrap it around the gormless twats head.

at least tony G is entertaining and not whining like phil hellmuth everyone sees anyways when he gets bad beat no point to say and whine about it milion times .... he does that very often at least i seen that in youtube videos i do agree he is one of best tourney players tho

I love that reply Big Smile

Well I got to say that's pretty good from Washing car windows to a poker mob,just the other day I was watching a cash games over youtube. In a hand Tony G was up against Daniel Negreanu . I was baffled to see how shitty luck Tony G had , anyhow Tony G had Ad Kc and Daniel had Qs Jh , worse was the flop Qd 8h Jc, then Daniel bets 14k , Tony calls , Turn a 10c giving Tony a nut straight He quicky raises to 50k Daniel takes some time and calls, river Qh .Daniel waits for awhile and raises 88k . Tony G thought for sometime and makes the call. How unlucky is that totally rivered. A nut Straight is rivered by a full- house.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Tony G Answers Questions

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