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Why BRM 25 FreeRoll is filled with Donkey's  0   
So, I have been trying to play BRM freerolls and earn some cash and point's for the leaderboard. I am a very tight and aggressive player , only call with good cards and when I call I make sure I raise. So, after few hands of starting chip 1500 , had 1300 chips A Diamond k Club show's up. I'm on cut off after everyone calling and folding , I make a raise of 300 , very decent raise with my Big Slick. The next caller with A 10 Heart Diamond responds with just call. But I don't know what was on the third guy's mind he pushes all in with 4000 stack with 2 Diamond J Club . After thinking for seconds I make a call cause I was observing him for awhile , he is just a loose player. Great everyone is all in Showdown now. FLop k Diamond k Heart 9 Club I have favoured flop .Then I don't know the guy maybe did voodoo or something Turn 10 Club and River Q Spade

Totally FML Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! . I have been struggling with these Donkey players. SO far I just have 11cents on the leaderboard Sad

Well.. according to pokerlisting's odds calculator you were 48% favorite to win the hand..
Isn't it just what you want? I'd be happy if I got to call J2o's all in with AK...
You should be happy the donks play like that..

Of course I feel for your bad luck, but things like that just happen, it's all poker..
Just keep in mind that 48% of hands like this you are going to triple your stack/knock out 2 opponents ..

Keep your head up! Good luck for upcoming freerolls, with decent play you should be able to make some money Smile

If you planed to become a millionaire from the leaderboard,well is not the right place.The free entry and the prize so low make this type of play,any decent looking cards raise or all-in.Not all the players are donkeys,just not worth the regular playing.
Good luck

blahh if u only had 1500 chips and tourney just started no big deal i once got kicked out when 10 players left (5500+ started) had JJ vs 86 opponent rivered straight ....... crapp like that happens very very often at earlier stage but it sucks if it happens in end

it's because it's a freeroll and ppls enetering even if they are not from brm Smile , the password is realing on the internet. So yea. That's why no1 ever make more than 20$ in 1-3 months. Cause there are some outsiders who win the cash. You need to be VERY LUCKY to get in 1st 117, not to say to win it Big Smile

i actually play BRM freerolls only for leaderboard and mostly for glory i always enjoyed stuff like that used to play yahoo canasta like 10 years and there was 0 cash involved so far participated 3 leaderboards and 3 times in top 200 twice in top 30 soo its not only luck since there is thousands of players simply need to be active player and buy some luck or need to be better donk than all other donks Worship ..... and meher 11 cents is prettty good i only have 5 cents so far 1 good tourney and have 1--4.90

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Delightful replies from everyone.Djpreimier you are right ,but it feel's bad after making the perfect raise and reading you're opponent is calling with shity cards , you see on showdown he has a straight.

Sorin888- No I am playing just to make the top leaderboard that's it.Just have the craving to top it and earn.I know freerolls are filled with Idiots and have seen the password to be flashed on facebook.Maybe its just cents for them, for me it a passion to make it to the top after three months.

Nipitiri3 - I get you , there is a good feeling that you are at the top, it's not the money its the statement that I am Good Blink . You Know what I mean. But anyhow i'll put my head straight and aim it to the top.

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