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Hey guys, im so happy right now, i cant still believe it, i cannot really describe the feeling. and 5000 mob points as 50$ will help me so much to build my bankroll and start playin, im not quite sure yet where, i play on Full Tilt, PokerStars, and PartyPoker ive tried occasionally. Another thing is i havent bought so much tickets, so wasnt really expecting this coming. I love you all and i love you bankroll mob!!

Worship Worship Worship

Congrats: Enjoy my 135 mob points Tongue

What site you gonna put it on? Should go with Stars - play some of the Micro Millions that are running at the moment, you can joined the BRM prop bet for the $8.80 game running in a week or so..

nice , you are a lucky 1. gj and gl

i had 625 tickets with all of my mob points Sad i'm not lucky enough for this game.

thanks guys for replies. Yeah im thinking about PokerStars or Full Tilt, however MicroMillions is such a nice event, and i guess it would be foolish from me to not deposit some there and try out, even tho the field is always so huge on PokerStars. But im aswell thinking to actually playing strictly step by step, and managing my bankroll as i feel its just so important and shouldn't mess with that

awesome stuff congrats. i had 2020 tickets couple weeks ago and couldn't win. so well done to you.
good luck in building a br Thumbs Up

Posted by GoTrixo:
and managing my bankroll as i feel its just so important

It's very important if you're trying to grow a giant vagina.


Congrats you stole my gift from Bankrollmob for my Birthday, how can you did that? you mobster Smile)) joke, is awesome seen someone win $50 just from karma Big Smile wish you luck and hope you make $1000 before X-mas Thumbs Up

congrats dude - and make from them 1 mil dolars

You will find lots of action in several levels on the rooms you are used to play, so i think that, firstly, you should give it a try with real money on one of those rooms. In case you decide to invest yuor money on PS, you will have the advantage of being able to transfer it directly to FTP in case you want to try real money games there too. Who knows if you can divide your bankroll for both to see where can you handle better. Than, if you happen to lose on one side and win on the other, you'll start playing only where things run better! GL

hi congrats on the win mate.
I keep buying tickets but have never won nothing there Smile

I have won the calendar game twice now Smile

yea me lol

Ronin Harper Cool

Congrats ! I am waiting for 2 years and didn't hit it Sad Sad I wish you can develop your bankrol with that's free capital Smile . $50 good enough to start as long as we discipline with bankroll management.
Smile Smile Good luck

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